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Posture And Its Impact On The Body Core

Poor posture occurs when certain muscles tighten or shorten up, while others stretch in a way that they are naturally not supposed to do. The spine has a special connection with the brain, spinal cord and other organ function. This connection clearly shows the poor posture ultimately reduces brain and organ function. Poor posture is a very serious modern day problem that affects more people that it’s though ...

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Preventing Scorpions From Invading Your Home

Problems May Come With Your New Home Owning your own home can be a very thrilling and exciting experience. Many people love to own their own homes because of the freedom it offers. However, there is often a lot that goes into trying to maintain and keep a home in perfect shape. Maintaining a home keeps it habitable and comfortable for a very long time. Many people experience problems when it comes to proper ...

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Industrial Hygiene Companies Can Assist In Many Ways

What Do Industrial Hygiene Companies Do? Industrial Hygiene, also known as Occupation Hygiene is a field of study that encompasses the oversight, investigation, identification and control of potential issues within a workplace environment. Industrial Hygiene deals with anything in a work setting that is causing wellness problems within the workforce and the community. What are Stressors? The wellness proble ...

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Industrial Hygiene Assessment

Industrial Hygiene Assessment is Nothing New Health hazards that workers are exposed to while they are on the job have invited scrutiny since the time of Hippocrates. In the first century AD, the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder recognized that those working with zinc and sulfur faced risks to their health and devised a mask to help protect them from the lead fumes and the dust. In modern times, industrial hyg ...

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What’s The Racket About Rickets?

Rickets, which can lead to bone breakage and disfigurement, is a softening of bones because of a lack of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium.  The term “rickets” may come from the Old English word wrickken, which meant, “to twist.”  In many developing countries, it is the number one childhood disease. Rickets can be seen in adults but the vast majority of cases are found children who suffer from undernourishme ...

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Signs That You’re Over Stressed

If you try to put a frog in a pan of boiling water it will writhe and struggle in your hand to escape. If you put a frog in a pan of room temperature water, and then gently raise the temperature, the frog’s cold blooded nature will prevent it from noticing anything is wrong. You could boil the frog alive without it noticing. Stress can be a lot like that. Whether it’s coming from your work, your family life ...

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The New Sleep Drug

All sleep drugs work in similar way: they turn off the brain cells by stimulate the brain receptors that have an effect on the brain cells. While in the earlier times, beer did this job, it is now taken over by drugs like Halcion, Valium and Ambien, which is the best selling sleep drug. However, there is a new improvement in this area and a sleep researcher at Merck, John Renger and his team claim that they ...

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