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Family Exploration Made Fun and Affordable

The rise in gas prices aren't going to put a hinder to sharing those family memories you once enjoyed as a child where the open road and a trusty map paved the way to your adventure.  The family road trip is an iconic right of passage for the father to lead his family safely down the road to discovery and collecting those building blocks to construct priceless memories. It is also a vital piece of one’s chi ...

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Five Smart Tips For Travel Every Senior Should Know

One of the most rewarding times of senior adulthood is being able to travel. Whether you prefer traveling alone, but as part of a group, or with a companion, being free from the earlier stresses of younger years allows you to absorb both the sights and the good times to their fullest. Another freedom is that you can do your roaming in months that avoid crowds; the best being April, May, September, and Octob ...

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Burma- A Gold Eco Destination

‘This is Burma’, wrote Rudyard Kipling. ‘It is quite unlike any place you know about.’   Also known as Myanmar the reason this country can be considered an eco destination is that it remains relatively unchanged from how the British found it in colonial times.  The Western way of dressing isn’t mainstream here yet, so you will still see men wearing longyi, like a sarong or pareo.  You won’t see the fast foo ...

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Orient Express to Launch New Train Trips

The schedule of the coveted train Orient Express is set for a change. With a view to adding in new customers Orient Express is about to start new trips and cruises to several new destinations in 2013. In the first of these new destinations, Orient Express is adding Scandinavia where the train will travel from Stockholm via Copenhagen and return from Stockholm to Italy via Copenhagen. Also added on the list ...

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