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10 Undergraduate Business Schools Well Worth Breaking The Piggy Bank

Today’s university-going students are tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. This is why you need to pick a major that reflects […]

Today’s university-going students are tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. This is why you need to pick a major that reflects a specific area of expertise.

Your major affects your entire career and the lifestyle which revolves around it. This does vary from organization to organization however, as certain employers might hire you based on certain skill sets, rather than your academic qualification alone.

Still, it goes without saying that picking the right business university can have a life-long impact on your career and the life you live outside of it.

Weather your area of interest lies in aviation and aerospace or entrepreneurship; we’ve put together a list of the 10 best undergrad business universities in the US today.

10 Undergraduate Business Schools Well Worth Breaking The Piggy Bank

University of Phoenix

Undergrad Programs offered at the Phoenix School of Business are designed to keep your business and management skills on par.

The centrally located Florida campuses (Daytona Beach, Maitland and Orlando) offer undergrad business degrees in several business disciplines including entrepreneurship, supply chain management, project management and finance.

Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University offers diverse options to students looking to get enrolled in undergrad business and management programs.

Cornell has been frequently placed among top rankings for best undergrad business universities across the US. Students get to choose a variety of business disciplines ranging from applied economics and management to industrial and labor relations.

Bentley University

At Bentley, students can choose between four business fields: global management, entrepreneurship, leadership and human resources management.

Indulge a little deeper and the Graduate School of Business lets you take advantage of a wider scope of undergrad business programs. After all, Bentley graduates have ended up at organizations like Amazon and Oracle.

Georgetown University

Students at the McDonough School of Business here enjoy the opportunity to have hands-on experience, thanks to the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program and case competitions.

This school is known for placing an emphasis on how crucial global education is, while offering opportunities to study abroad in 35 countries.

Everglades University

Everglades though relatively unknown, is an excellent university for students to advance their careers in the aviation and aerospace industry, entrepreneurship, crises and disaster management, or a major in business administration, for example.

The class sizes are deliberately kept small so that all working students and adult learners can be well accommodated.

Washington and Lee University

It is well known that 40% students in the state of Washington and Lee are Williams School graduates.

This University is home to accounting, business administration and other related majors. Boasting an 8:1 student-faculty ratio, students enjoy relatively small classes and there are opportunities a plenty to have an individual study program.

University of California-Berkeley

UC Berkeley – the name is popular in practically every state in the US.

The Hass School of Business offers a dedicated business administration undergraduate program allowing students to take their business education to the next level.

The school’s located very close to Silicon Valley – a major plus for business students.

Bryant University

Searching for a nicely personalized degree program? Bryant’s School of Business is free from lecture halls or teaching assistants.

Get to know your professors on a more personal level. The business administration program lets you focus on disciplines such as finance, entrepreneurship, human resource management and marketing, just to name a few.

Rutgers Business School

The undergraduate program at this Newark and New Brunswick based school prepares students to deal with a constantly changing domestic and international economy.

The school has a prominent corporate standing and professors who are well-versed in their respective industries, provide students with the know how to perform at their best in world-class organizations.

Tufts University

Tufts is located within close proximity of some of the country’s biggest concentrations of higher-education schools.

The ELS (Entrepreneurial Leaderships Studies) program is tailor-made for undergrad business students. The Entrepreneurial Network gets student connected with alumni, on-campus activities as well as the Entrepreneurial Society sponsors who bring together several networking opportunities, conferences and competitions.

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