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18 WordPress Plugins for Managing Multi Author Blogs

If you have been blogging, then you might be knowing that most successful Blogs are Multi-Authored Blogs. Some of the […]

If you have been blogging, then you might be knowing that most successful Blogs are Multi-Authored Blogs. Some of the Best Examples you can find are ShoutMeLoud, DailyBlogTips, FamousBloggers etc which are included in top guest posting sites list.

Having a Multi-Author Blog not only Increases the Readership but also creates good relationship with there Readers. But its also not unknown that running a Multi-Author Blog is a hectic process. But if you are on WordPress Platform, then luckily you can manage it easily with many plugins available.

Yes, there are huge database of WordPress Plugins for running Multi- Author Blogs, I have created the List of 15 Best Plugins which makes your Managing easier.

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1. Author Advertising Plugin

This plugin allows blog admins to create a revenue sharing program utilising one of the many advertising programs out there i.e Yahoo, Google Adsense, Amazon, Allposters etc. It can also be used as a banner manager, author photo/website widgets.. actually it has about a zillion uses.

2. Co-Authors Plus

Allows multiple authors to be assigned to a Post, Pages, or Custom Post Types via the search-as-you-type inputs. Co-authored posts appear on a co-author’s posts page and feed. New template tags allow listing of co-authors.

3. User Photo

Allows a user to associate a profile photo with their account through their “Your Profile” page. Admins may add a user profile photo by accessing the “Edit User” page.

4. Role Scoper

Role Scoper is a comprehensive access control solution, giving you CMS-like control of reading and editing permissions. MS-like permissions for reading and editing. Content-specific restrictions and roles supplement/override WordPress roles. User groups optional.

5. Author Exposed

Author Exposed is a simple WordPress plugin that allows your visitors easy and elegant way to see more details about the post author. This plugin does the same thing as the_author() tag only this time it’s linked to hidden layer (div). By clicking on the author link the layer pop’s up with author info gathered from the profile page, plus gravatar photo, if author email is assigned with one.

6. Members

Members is a plugin that extends your control over your blog. It’s a user, role, and content management plugin that was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS.

7. Syslog

WPsyslog2is a global log plugin for WordPress. It keeps track of all system events and log them to syslog. It tracks events such as new posts, new profiles, new users, failed logins, logins, logouts, etc.

8. Top Authors

This plugins allows you to easily sum the most contributing authors on your site. It is highly customizable, it’s possible to to customize your own HTML output.  Customize the tag before and after the list (for example a custom class). Check more blogs list for live example of Top Authors plugin.

9. Audit Trail

Audit Trail is a plugin to keep track of what is going on inside your blog. It does this by recording certain actions (such as who logged in and when) and storing this information in the form of a log.

10. Extra User Details

Extra User Details is the simple plugin that allows you to add extra fields to the user profile page (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn links etc).

11. Pre-Publish Reminders

Your reminders are input through the WordPress administration interface, and you can format them in a variety of ways. You can change the text color, background color, and make the text strong, emphasized, and underlined. Reminders are stored as posts in the database.

12. Edit Flow

Edit Flow offers a suite of functionality to redefine your editorial workflow within WordPress.

13. Posts By Author

This plugin will show the last X posts by the current author either at the bottom of every post, or where you manually specify in each post. Using the built-in options page, you can choose the number of posts to show, set the header text, choose to show the post dates, select the format of the date, and choose whether or not to include the current post in the list.

14. Future Post Calendar

It adds a simple month-by-month calendar that shows all the months you have future posts for (and the current month no matter what), it highlights the days you have posts for, and as an added bonus if you click a day the Post Timestamp boxes change to that day, month and year (although it doesn’t check the edit timestamp box to avoid accidental changes).

15. Role Manager

This Plugin allows you to define and manage multiple subscriber profiles – called Roles and their Capabilities. Also you can create new Roles and Capabilities.

16. Get Author Profile

Get Author Profile is a pretty basic WordPress plugin that lets you manually access an author’s (i.e. user’s) profile. The main purpose is to let you provide author information outside The Loop, such as for a sidebar intro of the blog owner or to list contributors to your blog.

17. Cool Author Box

Adds a stylish author box with author name, bio, Gravatar and links after the content in posts and/or pages.

18. Private Email Plugin

By default, WordPress lacks the ability to send emails to the registered users. This plugin does the jon for you by allowing you to send emails to your blog’s other author.To avoid misuse of its functionality, only users with the administrator role can send emails.

If I have Missed any Plugin, Kindly Update me by Commenting.

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