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2 Ways To Eat And Lose Weight

Hunger is dieter’s biggest enemy and huge drops in blood sugar level could immediately induce hunger pangs. People who adopt […]

Hunger is dieter’s biggest enemy and huge drops in blood sugar level could immediately induce hunger pangs. People who adopt weight loss goals also need to eat and it is a good idea to eat at smaller portions. We could divide our daily meals into 6 smaller sessions to keep hunger pangs on bay. It is important for people who want to lose weight to suppress their appetite effectively.

This is one of the most neglected things in many weight loss programs. Participants are simply told to suppress their appetite without being instructed on how to do that. By eating at smaller portions, it is less likely that we will binge on high calorie meals.

To Eat And Lose Weight

• Eating frequent and smaller meals could also keep our energy high.

By having six smaller meals at specified schedule, we could keep our blood sugar steady. This way, we will feel much more energized. We would be encouraged to burn more calories and be more active. This will also help us prevent ant sugar craving. Without proper appetite management strategy, our body could switch to starvation mode.

This is something that we should avoid, because the starvation mode will slow our metabolism down to conserve energy. We should eat regularly to keep our metabolism at its peak. There are a number of hormones that play an essential role in controlling hunger levels, metabolism and weight loss. Among the most important are insulin and ghrelin.

By eating regularly, we will have enough insulin our blood, which is needed to process glucose level in our blood. We will feel hunger pangs when we lack insulin. Ghrelin or the hunger hormone will be secreted when we don’t eat for a specific of time. Ghrelin increases our appetite and it urges us to eat more. Small frequent meals help us to manage insulin and ghrelin better.

We could get maximum satisfaction with each meal by eating more healthy fat, dietary fiber and lean protein. They are slower to digest than sugar and carbohydrate.

• Eat more raw food:

Raw food can provide us with plenty of healthy enzymes. Enzymes provide control for our body and they can digest our food better. Alkaline food allows us to remove any acid waste or toxins from our body. Unfortunately, body fat tends to encapsulate acid toxins. In general, losing weight can be as simple as improving our body pH. Many raw foods aren’t calorie dense.

It means, we can eat more filling food, without taking too much calories. Raw food may also provide us with more fiber, we will have better bowel movements. For many people, switching to raw food is reasonably easy. However, they can experience immense benefits in a relatively short time. Uncooked food contains more roughage that can carry toxins and waste in our colon.

Many people have gotten used to raw food and by moving away from cooked and processed food, we could get better things. However, people who often eat tasty cooked foods, switching to raw food can be rather challenging. In this case, it would be better for them to make gentler transitions.

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