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Did A Dull Conference Venue Lead To Uninformative Obama Conference?

Why was President Obama listless, unimaginative and evasive during the first press conference following his thumping win over Mitt Romney? This was an occasion to celebrate. To be witty and informative. To inform the nation of what lies ahead. And, have fun. And, all Obama did was evade. Was it because of the dull, formally-draped, dry, and absolutely boring conference venue? Well, most observers would say ...

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Do Online Universities Measure Up?

You would have to agree, one way to gain professional credibility is with a degree.  Online universities such as the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, UNSW MBT program or say Kaplan University might be the answer to obtaining a degree needed to make career progress. Many online universities including the ones previously mentioned are fully accredited and becoming better known.  Hybrid classroom/onl ...

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