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Satellite Phones – Functions, Geography and Benefits

A satellite telephone is an incredibly useful device for those who travel to isolated places with no access to cellular or landline phones. To learn more about this useful device, let us discuss its function, geography and benefits in comprehensive manner. Functions Sat phones function in two major ways: Geosynchronous satellites are located over 20,000 miles above the Earth. These satellites remain fixed r ...

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UAE’s Corporate Bodies Adopting Health, Safety & Environment Regulations Fiercely

With growing numbers of expats and locals seeking good jobs and switching employment rigorously, respectively, there are many initiatives on the block that aims towards offering better workplaces for them. The major one is Health Safety and Environmental ventures that work towards offering better and healthier spaces for employees to work. Trailing this scenario, even the jobs in the domain have also increa ...

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Renault Duster – The Trendsetter SUV

The Indian car market had offered only bulky, boxy and muscular SUVs over a long period of time. It is the Renault Duster, which brought in a fresh perspective to this scenario. It was a trendsetter as far as the Indian car industry is concerned. When Duster came to India, it shattered the conventional views of SUVs in the country. Thanks to this wonderfully designed car, the SUVs that came afterwards no lo ...

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