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SSC Exams- No More An Impossibility

The hype and craze about the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exam is not unknown to the Indians. Atleast one member out of five families ventures forth with rigorous preparation to appear for the exam, with a dream of getting selected to government jobs and offices. Reportedly the number of candidates appearing for the exam almost crosses the million scores and why not? The benefits enjoyed on joining offi ...

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Hiring A Gas Supplier: Important Things You Must Consider

Hiring a gas supplier in the UK can be difficult. Different types of gases are used in different industries. For instance, industries mainly require acetylene gas, argon gas, shielding gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and even air. On the other hand, a variety of different gases are required for medical applications. Most businesses don’t prefer switching their gas supplier from one to another.  They like sti ...

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Disposing Of Household Waste In London

Every year it is estimated that households produce some 21 million tons of waste here in the UK. From food packaging to garden waste and leftovers to cleaning products, the amount we produce in the capital is somewhat astounding. Fortunately, much of the waste we produce is now recycled meaning far less is diverted to landfill. Figures put the rate at somewhere around 45% and it is increasing year on year. ...

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Availing Multimedia and Animation Distance Education

Multimedia is known to refer to contents, which makes use of combination of variety of content forms. It contrasts with that of media, which uses just rudimentary computer displays like traditional or text only forms of hand produced or printed material. Furthermore, multimedia includes combination of audio, text, animation, still images, interactivity or video content forms. It is recorded, played, accesse ...

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4 Ways To Avoid Car Trouble

Car trouble. Those two words are enough to strike terror into the heart of any innocent motorist. We rely so much on our four wheeled friends, when they decide to die on us, our lives can fall apart. How do we get to work? Who will do the school run? What about the weekly shop? It's astonishing how quickly the fabric of our lives can unravel when one of the key components is taken out of action. So what can ...

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Modern Day Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobe design like every other designing field turned into an art long back. This is the only answer to explain the evolution of the designs of wardrobe. Wardrobes were originally nothing but closets. In some places, wardrobes were closed rooms with compartments to place stuff on it. Now, the modern day wardrobes are used as tools to create first impressions on people. Not only is it what’s inside the war ...

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Guwahati: The “Smart City’s Multi-Dimensional Growth

Recently we have seen in the news that Guwahati is one of the 98 cities to be included in the Smart City Plan of the Union Government. The most important question that arises here is how it is going to be helpful for the infrastructural development of the city to attract investors, which in turn will help in the creation of new jobs in Guwahati. Though it is popularly known as the Gateway to Northeast, Guwa ...

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Women’s Winter Fashion- The Latest Trend

Winter has finally set in and we are absolutely starting to feel it. If the cold weather has gotten you down, lift your spirits by stepping out in a luxurious fur coat. From nautical stripes to camo print, this season designers of Fashion koma have showed that there is no better way to keep you warm and stand out than in fun furs. Sometimes people choose designers clothing for their wardrobe for winter fash ...

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