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Bootstrapping from Ukraine: bpm’online (Terrasoft) CEO Katherine Kostereva

This is a fascinating story of a Ukrainian entrepreneur bootstrapping her CRM Software company to global scale. We’re thrilled to bring you Katherine Kostereva’s inspiring and super intelligent entrepreneurial journey. Sramana Mitra: Let’s get going. Where are you from? Where were you born and raised? Let’s go to the very beginning of your personal journey. Katherine Kostereva: I was born in Ukraine. Since ...

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Be An Opportunist, Choose For Buying Now And Paying Later

One of the most impressive aspects of online shopping is that there is no particular time to visit these stores over internet. Open throughout the day and night, one can buy any product at practically any time. It is best especially during the time of emergencies while many provide same day delivery options also. It is simple yet one has to be eighteen years or more by age and have a regular source of incom ...

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Monterey, California, A Great Honeymoon Destination With Of Pure Splendor

Monterey, California's status as a beloved vacation destination isn't exactly a mystery to anyone. The area is home to immense natural beauty. It's also full of recreational activities, renowned wineries, fascinating cultural attractions and high-quality dining establishments. People love visiting Monterey for leisure. It's actually a popular getaway choice among newlywed couples who are enjoying their hone ...

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Skills A Person Needs To Become A Successful Nature Photographer

For camera operators who love to take stunning pictures of the outdoors rather than from the four walls of a studio, nature photography is their cup of tea. Generally, photographers who fall under this category work freelance and sell the images they take of exquisite landscapes to the highest bidder. However, there are snappers who do take up special assignments for various nature magazines, publications a ...

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4 Ways To Enjoy Your Bath At Home

The moment you decide to buy a new bath tub, you might be very excited about using it. Before doing so, you have to realise that there is a lot more that you can do with it so that your bathing experience becomes even better. Here are some more ways to enjoy your bath at home. Install an LED TV. You can install an LED TV just on the wall opposite the bath so you can easily see what is on the screen. In doin ...

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What are the differences between mediation and court proceedings – Part two

Court proceedings are public proceedings, meaning open to the public and anyone can attend the court hearings (of course except in procedures that are expressly provided by law, the public is excluded) while mediation is non-public proceeding where only the opposing parties participate and the mediator, i.e. third parties only if the parties give their consent for their presence. Mediation is still a great ...

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Some Of The Most Effective Methods For Teeth Whitening

People blessed with enthralling white teeth are regarded with great reverence by the onlookers. Few persons in the habit of smoking fall victims to spoiled teeth that become pale due to other reasons too. The grace and luster of their teeth is lost because of chewing tobacco and chewing gum etc. Famous dental clinics like teeth whitening Birmingham facilitate valuable services to their clients that enjoy go ...

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A Brief Insight Into Global Energy & Water Pollution

Water is one of the major sources of life. It constitutes approximately 65% of the human body and 71% of the surface on the Earth. When you speak about water, people mostly think about the oceans that make up 97% of the water bodies on the Earth. The water on the planet is also found in glaciers, ice, ponds, lakes and rivers. Some water can be found in underground aquifers as well. Luis Manuel Ramirez is a ...

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Planning To Go For A PoECamera System? Things You Must Know

With booming network video surveillance industry, a number of technical issues are faced by the people as well as by companies when offering technical support. Many a time there comes some confusion about the PoE camera system. So here is your chance to get a better idea about the same. What is PoE? PoE means Power over Ethernet. Here power and data are transmitted through network devices without bringing a ...

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