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What Is The Difference Between 7s and 15s Teams In Rugby

Besides the obvious difference of an additional 8 players in the 15s game, the duration of the game is a key difference. The pitch is the same size in both games, and rules also match. The 15-player version is played over 80 minutes, split into two halves, whereas 7s is just seven minutes each half. High impact There's no doubt that 15s is a high impact sport - the first tackle you see will convince you of ...

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Creating Designs That Help Your Brand Stands Out

The 5Ps of marketing such as the product, price, place, promotion, and people are the basic five elements that make or break your fortune in the business. Having said that, we mean, those five elements essentially work as catalysts for your success in the business. In other words, despite all other elements working fine for your business, your business will fail in the absence of the right kind of promotion ...

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