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2D Barcodes: Present & Future Uses

2D Barcodes are one of the latest evolutions in the field of barcode technology that allow encoding of much greater amounts of data than originally available with traditional linear barcode types. Where the highest-density linear barcode types such as Code 128 can dependably encode upwards of 50 characters, 2D barcodes like Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF417 and QR Code are capable of encoding far more, and encoding up to 800 characters is generally recommended more as a result of barcode scanners’ inability to decode more than that may characters of encoded data.

Modern 2D barcodes
Today, 2D barcodes are used to encode large amounts of data in documents or encoding data with functions such as tab or carriage return which can be very useful when scanning items into a databases.

Uses of 2D Barcodes
Another notable point about 2D barcodes is that they have become a key component in effective tracking of user behavior in marketing promotions. Since 2D barcodes allow many characters of data including special characters one might find in a web address, special tracking tags may be added to the end of an encoded web address. This additional tagging can differentiate website visitors by the promotion they were exposed to, which allows data analysts to gain very actionable insight into the purchasing behavior of those users. The ability to utilize two dimensional barcodes to keep track of marketing promotions has helped to revolutionize the way some businesses understand and approach their audience. 2D barcodes will continue to play an invaluable role in tracking marketing promotions for years to come for this reason and many more.

Future Of 2D Barcodes
In the future, 2D barcodes such as Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417 will likely build on the success they have found today. Their ability to hold large amounts of data and effectively encode content, web addresses, virtual business cards and even bitmap images will make them an attractive option for businesses looking to streamline or gather more data. Developers may work to build programs that are short enough to be encoded in a single 2D barcode and the effects of this type of use could be far-reaching in commerce and society as a whole.

Mobile Barcodes
QR is perhaps the most popular 2D barcode type in use today. There are many web apps, special components, font/encoder combinations and stand-alone applications that are available for the right price. Visualead has developed a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes the process of QR Code generation as easy as possible. Simply click the “Create” link at the top of the page to begin.

Visualead provides simple step-by-step instructions that can help users pick backgrounds, encode data in their barcode and save their barcode image for later use. This is an excellent service that appeals to everyone with a variety of pricing options including a basic QR code at no cost.

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