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5 College Majors That Are Better Online Than In-Person

Online education has become the perfect solution for older students looking to get their degree while juggling work and family […]

Online education has become the perfect solution for older students looking to get their degree while juggling work and family commitments at the same time. You come home from work, you pick the kids up at school, and now you’re ready to study in the comfort of your own home – it’s a new and convenient way to be a student that didn’t exist ten years ago. Not surprisingly, online colleges are very popular. In fact, in the past 5 years, they have given out up to twice as many degrees as a comparable real-life university where you have to show up to classes every week. There’s some debate as to whether this means an online school is lesser quality, but research has found the opposite is true. It might actually be beneficial to get certain degrees online rather than in person. Majors that involve working with computers or computer software, or majors where developing your writing skills is more important than being in a discussion-oriented classroom, are thriving online. These are a few of the examples.

Computer Science
If your focus is on learning how computers work, you will be using a computer to do it, no matter where you are. A computer science degree will focus on mathematics, data, software, and networking, and it’s likely that if you were in a class, you would spend all your time solving problems individually anyway. Learning at your own pace and according to your own schedule can help make the workload easier.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is like computer science’s artistic cousin. It’s similar in that you’ll be focused on the computer anyway, and it involves a lot of individual work on projects designing websites and other publications. If you’re learning graphic design skills on your own with an online degree, you’re making contacts with professors across the country, and you might actually have a better shot at gaining professional experience earlier than traditional students.

With print journalism becoming more of a thing of the past, newspapers and other new outlets have increased their online presence exponentially. Even television and video technology is expanding online, changing the way stories are reported. These days, delving into subjects like media and communications involves spending time on the internet and learning how to write for an online audience. This can be easier if your college is online, too.

The biggest benefit to studying accounting online is that advances in computer software have made it a lot easier. Working in accounting means learning how to use the right programs. While it’s nice to have a professor in the room with you to help, it’s much more convenient to chat with them online and spend adequate time on the computer practicing your skills.

The main appeal of online degrees when it comes to the healthcare industry is diversity. Healthcare can vary a lot based on your geographical location, and an online college brings together different viewpoints and experts from around the country or even the world. It’s also good for the more administrative side of healthcare, which involves writing reports and maintaining databases. If you like the area, you can even continue to study and pursue a Master’s degree in Health Care Ethics online. If this program is of interests you, view it now and take your career a step further.

All of these majors show that computers and the internet are becoming more and more essential to our lives. If you’re pursuing a modern career with a string technological component, it makes sense to learn with technology. That’s why many students find that getting their degree online is not only the convenient choice, it’s also the best one.

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