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5 Cool Bathroom Themes to Consider for Your Home

Fulfilling awesome bathroom themes do not always involve a great deal of splurging for your home. This is only to […]

Fulfilling awesome bathroom themes do not always involve a great deal of splurging for your home. This is only to showcase a unique personality that would appear cool and smart for the household and the guests. The bathroom design is a statement in itself so get ready to fill it with creative fixtures like stone sinks, attractive colors and tiles with personal touch. In this article, we will share five cool themes to consider for your bathroom

Bathroom Theme for Kids

1) Kids’ Bathroom Theme

When you intend to design a bathroom for your kids, you can go wild with colors that will encourage the stimulation and development of their brain. Your bathroom tiles can be those which have prints of their favorite cartoon character. Make sure that the kids won’t slip on wet floor by placing a mat whose color contrast with that of the floor tiles. Accessorize the bathroom with color-coordinated towels, toothbrush holders, and bin for the laundry.

2) Space Shuttle Theme

When you see an interior design of a bathroom that resembles the inside of a space ship, you would more likely feel delighted as you can suddenly zoom out from the house to outer space. This is with the notion of course that all members of the house are fond of space ships as a futuristic concept for the bathroom. This theme can be fun and functional at the same time. The walls can be filled with glow-in-the-dark stickers with planets while the tub can be shaped like a rocket and the bathroom lamps can be shaped like an alien.

3) Beach Theme

To design a beach-inspired bathroom, color your walls yellow and the ceiling blue. Place fake coconut trees inside and have a printed mat to mimic the look and texture of sand. For soaps, get rocks and shells found on the shorelines. The light can be as simple as a round white on the ceiling that can shine like the sun any time of the day.

4) Stone Theme

A stone-themed bathroom design is one that incorporates stones from the walls, linings, and countertops all the way to the ceiling. Stones would create an outdoor vibe to the ambiance of the bathroom. You can also have a part in the room where you can rest on on your back for a relaxing spa. Complete the elegant look with marble tiles, stone sink and wooden frames for the mirror.

5) Fantasy Theme

A fantasy theme allows you to go wild and crazy. A bathroom with whirlpool bathtubs, gym equipment, sound system, steam showers and waterproof wall-hung furniture pieces surely give out a surreal touch. Make sure these items are not obtrusive to the pathway in the bathroom and everything will be a dream come true.

If you think your bathroom theme and design appear to be boring, remodeling it can real fun and rewarding. Connect sleek and sensible design ideas and transform your bathroom to a place where you can relax and be more comfortable with self-expression.

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