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5 Steps To Making A Claim

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, if your injuries were severe enough to […]

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, if your injuries were severe enough to need medical attention and the accident happened some time in the last three years, the laws says that you are entitled to compensation from the guilty party.  That could be a person, a manufacturer or maybe a local council. Whichever it is, in most cases there is insurance of some sort that will actually settle the claim.

Insurance companies and large organisations can be difficult to deal with if what they are presented with does not quite fit how they like things done.  This is one of the reasons why you should use a specialist law firm to handle your personal injury claim, so that you do not have the stress and worry of dealing with legal teams that handle the claims on behalf of large companies.  You should visit to find the best professional and friendly service available for victims who want to make personal injury claims.

There are 5 main steps to making a claim, although every one is unique and sometimes things will differ slightly.



Make sure you fit the criteria of being injured in an accident that was not your fault.  The accident should have happened some time in the last three years, and your injuries should have needed medical attention.

Step 2

If you are able to, gather as much evidence as you can about the accident.  How it happened and who caused it are a start, but witness details, medical reports, police reports if applicable, and photos of the scene if possible.  If your injuries are so severe that you are not able to do this yourself, ask someone else to do it on your behalf.


Go to the Accident Advice Helpline website and complete the 30-second test to get an estimate of the amount you might be awarded for your injuries.  Remember though that this is only an estimate as there are many factors that can affect the outcome of your claim.

Injury claim

Step 4

Speak to an expert claims advisor who will answer any questions you may have about making a claim.  They are friendly and helpful, but will not put any pressure on you to make a claim.  They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of making a claim, and will provide you with all the information you need to decide if that is the right way forward for you.

Step 5

If you decide to go ahead with the claim, you can do so in the certainty that your claim will be handled simply, quickly and efficiently by solicitors who are experts in the field of personal injury claims.  They will examine every area of your accident and injury to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your circumstances.  So step 5 is really easy – sit back and leave it to the professionals to handle your personal injury claim for you.

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