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5 Tips For Controlling Pests

Are you suffering through a pest problem? Use these 4 tips to control critter infestations on your property. Use a […]

Are you suffering through a pest problem? Use these 4 tips to control critter infestations on your property.

Use a Sugar-Borax Combo

Use a 1 to 1 sugar-borax combination to send ants packing. Leave this potent little mixture in high traffic areas where ants seem to congregate. Baseboards, foundation areas and other ant meeting points are optimal areas for sprinkling this concoction. Sugar reels in these guys and Borax deals the final blow. Be careful about using this mix where pets and small children are present.

Clean Regularly

Food particles are pest attractors. If you want to get rid of pests rid your home of their food source. Mop, sweep and broom your home regularly to clear out crumbs, spills and other food debris which are irresistible to roaches, mice and other little critters. In truth, most homes have a human problem because pests aren’t generally attracted to a home until food sources or places of shelter show up in the house.

Clean daily to eradicate pests. Even if you are attracting predator species like scorpions you need to get rid of crumbs and other food stuffs. Our food draws in prey species like roaches. These prey are prime targets for scorpions, spiders and other predators. Getting rid of the spills and crumbs gets rid of the scorpions in most cases. Don’t be lazy; if you spill juice or soda, mop the mess up immediately because bugs find sugary sweet substances too hard to turn down.

5 Tips For Controlling Pests

Send Pests Packing for Good by Destroying their Home

Demolish pest homes to send them packing for good. For example, scorpions love rotting, moist woodpiles. Keep wood stored in a warm, dry place or simply get rid of the wood to make the environment less hospitable for the little critters. Read up on how pests prefer their homes to send them on their way. Keep your home adequately lit until bed time and make sure your house is fully sealed. Don’t give pests the chance to take your house for a test spin. Make living on your property an impossible ordeal to end your pest problem.

Do Spot Checks

Checking your foundation for signs of termites keeps you abreast of any issues. These little guys prefer soft, moist wood. If you see signs of chewing through this type of wood take the necessary steps to exterminate termites or else you’ll risk losing your home.

Do regular spot checks on your property. Look for evidence of pests inside of your home and in both the front and back yards every few weeks. Spotting carpenter ants and other pesky critters before they cause too much damage can save your home.

Speak to a Professional

Despite your best efforts you may need to hire a professional when things go South versus trying to handle the issue on your own. Licensed, skill pest control specialists know exactly what to look for when searching for signs of an infestation. Professionals also know how to solve your problem in a safe, simple fashion. Keep your family safe and secure; call a pro to handle termite control or any other pest problem for you.

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