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5 Tips For Protecting Your Car Windshield

People drive their cars for miles every day and expect them to function through wind, hailstorm, snowstorms and sunshine.

Apart from this, the car is exposed to different types of terrains ranging from smooth to rough roads.

While on a freeway, most people drive fast and slow down when approaching speed bumps and while parking.

What most people don’t know is that the windshield is the first line defense through all these occurrences.

The windshield plays two major functions in a car: it gives stability to the car body frame and protects its occupants from vagaries of weather and flying objects.

It is very important to protect the windshield by following the tips discussed below.

Repair Any Chips

While driving, sand particles, debris and stones may hit your windshield, causing minute dings or chips on the glass.

In most cases these, fractures are unnoticeable to the car owner. However, these cracks can widen very fast due variations in temperatures or driving through rough roads.

A crack on the windshield impedes vision and can compromise the safety of the driver by increasing the likelihood of getting an accident.

All chips on the glass must be repaired immediately by an auto glass professional.

In most cases, the owner doesn’t incur an extra cost because window shield repairs are covered by auto insurance.

Park Under Shelter

To prolong the life of the windshield, it is advisable to park the vehicle under a shelter to protect it from direct sunlight and debris.

Remember that variations in temperatures during the day can cause small cracks on the windshield to spread or even become large cracks.

A sudden windy storm can cause flying tree limbs or debris to fracture the glass.

The most ideal option is to park your vehicle in a sheltered area instead of leaving it in the open.

Inspect Wipers

The windshield is equipped with wipers that remove rain water and debris from the glass, enabling the driver to see the road clearly without any obstructions.

You must check the blades frequently for any damage or cracks to ensure that the wipers are working properly.

You must replace them if they are damaged to prevent them from scratching the glass.

Always ensure the washer fluid is refilled so that you can use it to clear debris when the need arises during travel.

Proper Cleaning

You windshield requires constant cleaning because it may gather grime and dirt while driving.

Use gentle products on the glass, such as alcohol or vinegar that cannot cause any damage.

Use a soft cotton cloth or a hand towel to apply these products on the glass.

Clean the glass gently using the up and down, or side to side motion to prevent any streaks from forming.

Refrain from using harsh ammonia-based products because they cause damage to the wind tint and leave dangerous fumes in the vehicle.

Slamming Doors

Slamming the car doors constantly causes the windshield to vibrate.

These powerful vibrations may cause minute cracks on the windshield and can develop into large cracks within a short time.

Cracks require immediate repairs and it will become necessary to replace the glass when they develop into fissures.


The windshield is an important safety feature that protects the passengers from being ejected out the vehicle during an accident.

It is important to protect it through undertaking necessary repairs when it has cracks, parking under a shelter, cleaning the glass using the right products, checking whether the wipers are working properly and not slamming the doors.

Following the afro mentioned tips will ensure the windshield stays strong and works properly.

R. Swingle is a blogger for the Rank Executives blog team.

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