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5 Tips for Recruiting the Best Employees Possible to Your Business

Your team of employees is the backbone of your company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you have the right people on your team. There is an art to getting this right, and you can learn how to do it by keeping some simple concepts in mind. Here are five tips for recruiting the best employees possible to your business:

Your Company Culture

This is perhaps the single most important thing when it comes to attracting high quality employees. When you have a company culture that values employees, treats them with respect, and motivates them to achieve, then you can expect to have an excess of applicants any time you put out a job listing.

Test Emotional Intelligence

Many companies test for intellectual capacity by way of an IQ test when they are recruiting high level employees. While it is always a good idea to assess this aspect of applicant aptitude, it is only a very small part of the picture. Studies show that emotional intelligence might be an even bigger factor contributing to an employee’s success. Therefore, you should test emotional intelligence in addition to IQ, and weigh it just as heavily, if not more.

Judge by Personality, Rather than Resume

Sure, your hires should have a certain amount of verifiable knowledge and experience. However, generally speaking, resumes are next to useless when it comes to judging an applicant’s personality. The best employees are the most passionate employees, and a resume just can’t communicate passion. Rather than use the resume as the core of the application process, engage in a vigorous interview process, designed to really get to know the applicant, and don’t ever underestimate the value of the cover letter, where applicants have (and should exercise) a real chance to let that personality shine.

Stay Involved

Many business owners make the mistake of leaving the recruiting to the human resources department; in this regard, recruitment typically becomes a matter of online job postings and automated screening processes. If you want the best employees on your team, then you should immerse yourself in the hiring process. Involve yourself and choose employees that you feel, first hand, will make a great addition to your workplace.

The Hiring Process

Hiring should not stop at the interview. Instate a company policy to keep all new hires on a trial period of three to four months before you make them official, permanent hires. That way, you can learn much more about a new employee’s work ethic, personality, passion, and compatibility with the company culture before you whip out the contract, and weed out those new hires that may not be a right fit.

Recruiting the best employees for your workplace is an ongoing process, and one that requires your individualized attention to ensure the best candidate experience. Keep all of these considerations in mind when hand-picking your new hires.

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