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5 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

Many people have complaints about the hair, as an example, they may argue that their hair doesn’t grow. In reality, […]

Many people have complaints about the hair, as an example, they may argue that their hair doesn’t grow. In reality, things that they do can worsen the condition of their hair. As an example, heating styling tools and chemical treatments can cause split ends and weaken the hair shaft. Many people love to have those spectacular locks, but this could add more pressure to our hair. Here are hair treatments we should choose:

1. Hot oil treatments:

Hot oil treatments are effective, although we may have varying results with it. In some cases, some types of oil are consisted of larger molecules that don’t penetrate our hair easily. Jojoba oil can be the most effective in lubricating and conditioning the hair shaft, because it is nearly identical with natural sebum that our skin produces. When using hot oil treatments, we can cover our hair with proper plastic cap, rinse and style as usual.

To Have Healthier Hair

2. Protein treatments:

If we our hair have split ends problem, we could regularly replace the protein in our hair cuticle. In general, cuticle could become frayed and damaged due to continuous use of ceramic straightener, as well as daily wear and tear. Eventually, out hair will lose its ability retain enough water. Our hair is a bit like sponge and it older shafts are not as effective in keeping enough water.

In this case, our hair could become porous and weaker, causing it to curl and split. To replace protein our hair, we could soak our hair with one or two eggs about once a week; and leave in for about ten minutes and rinse. We could follow with our conditioner and rinse. During protein treatments, we don’t have to use shampoo.

3. Detox your hair:

Shampoo and conditioner products often contain some amount of silicone to give our hair instant manageability and shine. But after a prolonged use, our hair will start to lose its magic overtime. This could happen because there’s chemical build up in our hair. Cosmetics, minerals and chlorine may accumulate in the hair. In this case, we can use a natural shampoo instead of harsher products.

Natural shampoo shouldn’t contain dimethicone and other silicone-based compounds. They shouldn’t also contain sodium laureth sulphate. Our hair may feel rough at first when we use natural shampoos. This happens because our cuticles open and impurities are being removed. Proper conditioner should impart nourishment and smoothen our hair.

4. Deal with split ends:

Spit ends could eventually get worse and it is better to stop them from appearing in the first place. Straightening, bow-drying and coloring are common causes of split ends. Continuing these procedures may exacerbate our problems and it is a good idea to change our lifestyle. As an example, we could stop using bristle brushes. Bristles progressively scrape away the hair cuticle scales and rubber brushes can be much gentles.

5. Take supplements:

Eating healthy food may not always be enough, especially if specific nutrients are available in low amount in our immediate areas. Supplements can boost our health and make our hair healthier.

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