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7 Tips for Curing Fungal Nail Infections

Nail fungal infections are relatively common problems, often caused by a microorganism called Candida albicans. Unfortunately, they are often more difficult to treat than other types of fungal infection that affect the skin on a more superficial level. That is because nails make extremely strong barriers between the infection and treatment. Need some guidance when it comes to getting to the core of the problem and wiping it out? Here are seven tips for curing fungal nail infections:

Keep Your Nails Dry and Clean

Nail fungus thrives in moist and dank areas, and so you should be especially cautious of wearing things like gloves and socks that will trap in sweat and keep nail fungus alive. Make it a point to keep your nails dry and clean at all times if you want to cure the condition for good.

Expose Nails to Sunshine

Nail fungus hates the sunlight. Therefore, you should expose your infected nails to the sunlight as often as possible in order to combat nail fungus infections.

Keep Socks and Other Nail Coverings Clean

Don’t ever wear the same pair of socks two days in a row, especially if you have a fungal nail infection. Not only should you wear clean socks, but your socks should be washed in hot water (and with bleach, if possible) in order to kill any bacteria that may take up residence in them.

Use Tea Tree Oil

This is a natural and very effective treatment for all kinds of fungal infections, and it comes in a variety of forms, including creams, oils, and powders. To use tea tree oil to combat fungal nail infections, sprinkle powder inside shoes and socks, and/or rub cream or oil into cuticles and nails several times throughout the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Bathe (or soak) your nails in an apple cider vinegar mixture (add about a cup of apple cider vinegar to a very shallow bath of tepid water) for at least 30 minutes at a time, as many times as you can per day. Be sure to dry your feet thoroughly (use a dryer if you need to) afterward!

Eat Yogurt with Active Cultures

The active cultures in yogurt are actually healthy bacteria that feed on the fungus that is infecting your nails. Arm your body’s immune system by eating plenty of the right kind of yogurt.


This flavorful meal enhancer is also a great one-two punch when it comes to nail fungal infections. Simply rub a good dose of crushed garlic into your infected nails, cover them with a sock or glove, and let them sit overnight. Rinse and dry them thoroughly the next morning, and repeat the process each night until the infection is gone.

Fungal nail infections can be a real annoyance. Fortunately, they can also be treated at home, with these simple remedies. Just be sure to use these treatments consistently, and persistently, and you will get the much-needed relief you’re after. For more information about Candida yeast and how it impacts your body, visit the yeast infection youtube channel by Dr. Bakker!

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