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A Brief Insight Into Global Energy & Water Pollution

Water is one of the major sources of life. It constitutes approximately 65% of the human body and 71% of […]

Water is one of the major sources of life. It constitutes approximately 65% of the human body and 71% of the surface on the Earth. When you speak about water, people mostly think about the oceans that make up 97% of the water bodies on the Earth. The water on the planet is also found in glaciers, ice, ponds, lakes and rivers. Some water can be found in underground aquifers as well.

Luis Manuel Ramirez is a specialist in global energy. He has many years of invaluable experience in the field. He says that when it comes to the planet Earth, the water bodies are in great danger and they have the scope of getting polluted if proper steps are not taken. Global energy plays an important role in commercializing technologies that are innovative in nature to produce energy from sources that are renewable. This contributes to a better and cleaner environment.

A Brief Insight Into Global Energy & Water Pollution

He adds that there are many myths when it comes to water pollution. Some of the facts that you should know have been listed below-

  • Saltwater cannot be drunk- This might seem surprising and to some silly but you cannot drink salt water. Most of the water you find on this planet comes from the ocean that implies saltwater. Now, there is a myth that the Earth has 97% of water that features on the top however you should omit the fact that this water is not fit for human consumption.
  • The next misconception is that 20% of the contaminated water is caused by pollutants found in water. One of the most recent events that took place was the oil spill of BP that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. The truth is that only 20% of water pollution is caused by activities that are water based.
  • Water pollution can also be caused by land based pollutants. This means there are harmful chemicals and substances that are taken to the water. This is caused by environmental changes like human sewage, litter, raw waste materials, fertilizers and more. This pollution is caused by sediments that are collected in the bottom of ponds, lakes and rivers.
  • Water pollution creates major health hazards- The sad reality is not many people care about the environment but they are health oriented. It is very important for you to care about the environment before it leads to acute water pollution.

Coupled with the above factors, there is a constant decline of freshwater resources. Luis Manuel Ramirez says that this is a major cause of concern. This is the reason why it is important for you to be aware of global energy and how it can effectively contribute to the environment in a large manner. The need of the day is to spread awareness and later ensure that everyone starts to curb the contamination of water resources by acting responsible. They should be aware of ways on how to stop pollution. Only in this manner can they benefit from the environment and save the planet.

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