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A Lesser Known Health Benefit Of Hot Tubs

The health benefits of hot tubs are widely recognised by both users and health professionals and are a great selling point for suppliers and manufacturers. It seems almost all painful conditions can be treated along with many others that can benefit from a bit of relaxation. It’s been accepted for a number of years that conditions such as stress can be successfully reduced as well as high blood pressure and insomnia, but were you also aware that the painful condition fibromyalgia can also benefit from the use of a hot tub?

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition affecting the whole of the body but in particular the tendons, ligaments and muscles. It can cause extreme tiredness and sufferers also find that they are affected by muscle stiffness, headaches and sleep problems. In this country it is estimated that up to 1.76 million people suffer from it, with women more likely to be affected than men and is more common between the ages of 30 and 60. There is currently no cure for the condition so sufferers have to rely on the form of treatment that suites them best which is usually antidepressants and painkillers, therapy such as counselling or life style changes like relaxation.

This is where hot tub therapy comes in. Hot tubs are well known for their relaxing properties, and with fibromyalgia they can make a huge difference. The warmth of the water and the gentle massaging action can be extremely successful in reducing the pain and discomfort and will also make it much easier to sleep.

Many people will find that their Doctor recommends some form of exercise, as research has shown it can help reduce the pain in the joints caused by this painful condition, so why not combine the two. Gentle stretching exercises whilst in a hot tub are a far more effective way of managing the pain and won’t have any nasty side effects.

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