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A Money-Saving Way to Keeping the Dorm Room Looking Fresh While Encouraging Studying

College is an exciting time in any student’s life. They have worked hard to get this far, and are preparing […]

College is an exciting time in any student’s life. They have worked hard to get this far, and are preparing a new chapter in their lives in which they are investing four more years to ensure a better future. The dorm room is the center of their universe—it is the place they will call home for several years. These rooms are often small, and pose many challenges when it comes to changing up the looks and rotating the décor. But one simple way to achieve this is by continually altering the color scheme of the bedding. Purchasing multiple sets of extra long twin bed sheets, as well as a few comforters, will provide a simple, inexpensive way to update the appearance and feel of the room as the student grows bored by that “same old look”.

Why Start with the Bed?

Remember, dorm rooms are small and therefore pose many restrictions when it comes to incorporating sofas and chairs into the floor plan. The first thing to know is that dorm beds are not the standard twin sized beds we are all accustomed too. Almost all dorm beds are twin, but longer than their traditional counterparts. Therefore, XL twin bedding is required for the right fit. Now, back to the importance of the bed’s place in the dorm room: the bed is not JUST a place for sleeping. Due to the small sizes of dorm rooms, students are using their beds as the sofa, a place to study, and a place to seat people for social gatherings. Purchasing multiple sets of colorful bed sheets, and a few neutral colored comforters, will mix up the room’s ambiance and instill freshness and newness. Also, adding some decorative pillows to use on the bed during the day will compliment its daytime purpose as a “couch” or the hub for social gatherings. This will provide both a sanctuary for learning, but will also give the dorm room a “homey” feeling for added comfort. In an article by Psychology Tutor, the author stresses the importance of providing a motivational climate in the student’s study environment. The article contends that it is essential that the study place motivates, excites and encourages one to learn. The author continues to state that taking the time to set up a learning environment that will offer functionality while encouraging a personal ritual (i.e. changing up the décor) will enhance the learning experience. This ritual will also empower the student’s work ethics and the choices he/she make towards maintaining an optimal learning environment that contain both the accoutrements of home’s comforts, as well as an inspiring, fresh place to nurture studying.

Look Sharp, Stay Focused

When doing your back-to-school shopping, be sure you pick up multiple sets of XL twin bed sheets to offer fresh, ever-changing looks to the dorm room. Some cool calming colors to contrast with the warm weather months, such as a shade of green or blue, will add the feeling of a cooling oasis, and empower the mind to study in a harmonious setting. Also, buying bright and warming colors such as red or orange, will lend well to those winter months, and will usher in the ambiance of a warming hearth. In addition to utilizing a plethora of colored sheets, picking a few neutral colored comforters that work with all colors of the seasons will enhance the study environment, while offering total functionality, no matter what the “color of the month” may be. The student has made it this far in their educational career; offering the perfect study sanctuary with inter-changing color schemes will only encourage vibrancy, and serve as a great mood-elevator throughout their educational endeavors.

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