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About Qm People

Even though Facebook is the most popular social network in the whole world, with over 1 billion active users, new […]

images (44)Even though Facebook is the most popular social network in the whole world, with over 1 billion active users, new social networks continue to pop out of the woodwork. These new networks try to bring something new to the table, something that every other network doesn’t have. One of these new sites is called qm people. First created in 2004, qm people’s goal is to separate itself from other networks by creating a safe and fun environment for all its users. It hopes to make it so that people can interact with each other without sharing any personal information. Below are some of the network’s other interesting features.

Fun and exclusive games

qmpeople isn’t just all about social networking; it has games for you to play. The site has over 50 games, and they allow you to play with other people in your network. These multiplayer games allow you and 3 of your friends to play together, which is a rather interesting and fun thing to do.

Gift sharing

Another interesting feature qmpeople has it allows you to share gifts with others. Real gifts, without you needing to add the recipient’s address. It works by sending a gift to a friend, then when that friend chooses to accept that gift, he or she will have to mention their address to complete the gift giving process. As of now, the only gifts you can send are baskets of flowers and musical gifts, but qmpeople does use a rather interesting concept for gift giving. Not to mention that they are real gifts, which is something.

Exclusive groups

qmpeople also allows you to join groups where you can hang out with people who have similar interests as you. In these groups, you can share anything with the rest of the group, like interests, and even multimedia content like images and videos. All the posts you make that are posted in the group will be automatically published on the author’s blog.

Meet and chat with new friends

qmpeople uses a new method of chatting with others. Here, qmpeople’s chat system allows you to create not only textual chats, but also audio and video chats. Not only that, you can use your cellphone for these audio chats, and it is free to use. You can even invite a person into the video chat, even if he or she isn’t chatting, as long as he or she is online.

Talk and sharing about places

This is yet another interesting application available in qmpeople. This social network allows you to talk about the places you like with others, share opinions about them, talk about how you traveled to different places, and explore new places all over the world. Each place’s page will mention a short description about the place, a picture of it and where it is in the map. It is an interesting feature that allows you to learn more about new places.

Final words

Right now, qmpeople’s platform version is only at Beta 3.0, but it holds some promise for a new social networking site. Be sure to keep an eye out for this new social network; with its interesting features, it might turn big in the future.

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