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About World Of Warplanes

Like War Thunder, World of Warplanes is also a specially developed online multiplayer aviation game which was launched on 7th […]

Like War Thunder, World of Warplanes is also a specially developed online multiplayer aviation game which was launched on 7th June 2011 in Los Angeles.  This game was developed by the same team of developers of World of Tanks i.e. Wargaming and thus you can be assured of its convincing experience.

The main focus of World of Warplanes is on classic biplanes that were used in World War II and earlier Korean War jet. Initially when you start playing World of Warplanes you get four biplanes and as you earn experience or cash, you are allowed to get new jet fighters.

However, there are various other models of planes which are completely upgradable by means of exclusive tech tree. It is free-to-play online game but if you want to get entry in-game currency system of this game then World of Warplanes favors those players who like to put down some cash. In order to remove AI-controlled targets or make aim to target each other in PvP warfare, players can join each other.

One of the specialty of World of Warplanes is that here players can get sufficient real experience of flight war along with easy control mechanics of flight. You can even make the use of mouse in order to fly a plane. You just need to point the cursor in the direction where you want to fly your plane.

World Of Warplanes


In this game, battle begins in air where two teams fight against each other and the battle lasts up to 15 minutes. The wining team is one that kills all members of enemy team or achieves primacy by demolishing more aircrafts of enemies and ground targets as compared to opposing team. World of Warplanes let the players to choose from three categories of vehicles. These are:

  • Fighters- These planes are heavy fighters and very much effective in dog fighting.
  • Multi engine aircrafts- These aircrafts consist of more powerful and commanding armament.
  • Ground-Attack aircrafts- These aircrafts are considered as prime seeker of ground targets.
  • Heavy Fighters- These aircrafts are the major hunter of ground targets.

For all aircrafts of World of Warplanes, players get different kinds of weapons and diversity in available engine and airframes.  At the time of beta testing phase this game had introduced 60 kinds of aircrafts from Soviet, US, German and Japanese. In future World of Warplanes developer are planning to introduce French and British aircraft with new categories.

World of Warplanes consist of two styles of aircrafts controls i.e. Expert and Simplified.

Monetary System

The credits and experience of players of World of Warplanes depends upon the success of their battles. By earning credits and experience, players become able to spend it on purchase and research of upgraded equipments and modules. If a player has several credits and experience then he can use it to purchase premium equipments, consumables, weapons, and premium account time and clan creation. At the time of beta testing, there were options of replacing gold from tokens which consist of the similarities of gold.

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