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All About The Arena Of E-Accounting

Nowadays, a degree in commerce is not enough to land a job. Both domestic companies and multinationals are seeking candidates who have acquired special skills after their B. Com degree. One such specialty is that of e-accounting, which is a path to a well-paid job.

What is e-accounting?

E-accounting (online accounting) refers to the application of online and internet technologies to the business accounting function. Just like e-mail is an online or electronic version of traditional mail, e-accounting is an electronic version of lawful accounting and traceable accounting processes, which were traditionally paper based and manual.

E-accounting course or Computer Accounting Course is a digital version of accounts training, which helps in maintaining account records using the help of software. It helps to automate daily tasks with much accuracy and generate instant reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, GST returns, Cash flow, Stock Records, TDS returns etc. Freshers, as well as professionals, can specialize in e-accounting. It is one among best courses after B. Com.

E-accounting consists of performing regular accounting functions, accounting education & training and accounting research through several computer based or internet based accounting tools. Such tools include digital toolkits, international web based materials, several internet resources, company databases, web links, and electronic financial spreadsheet tools and internet-based accounting software to serve for efficient decision making.

E-accounting via web application is usually based on a zero-administration approach and simple monthly charge. It helps businesses focus on core activities and avoid hidden costs linked to traditional accounting software like upgrades, installation, backup, disaster recovery and exchange of data files. Most e-accounting services are provided as SaaS(Software as a Service).

Benefits of E-Accounting

These are all some facts about the field of e-accounting.


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