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Alluring Beauties Vying For Their Mr. Right

Marriage forms an integral part of an individual’s life and friends are the most excited lot among the big list […]

Marriage forms an integral part of an individual’s life and friends are the most excited lot among the big list of guests who look forward to the wedding day tremendously. One of the latest trends in Bachelorette Party Planning that has picked up great craze and momentum is to have a co-ed Bachelor and Bachelorette Party.

Co-ed Bachelor parties are usually organized by all the members of the bridal party both from the bride and groom’s side. These parties’ mark the transformation from a single handed lifestyle lived independently in a life of commitment that marriage brings with it. The bride and groom are kept outside the budget and all the chipping in of money is by the friends on both sides. It is filled with remarkable moments of camaraderie and celebration. The personality of the bride and groom are kept in mind while planning this big event. This occasion calls for a toast to the bride and groom. So there are plenty of fun-filled toasts prepared and also some off-color jokes said targeted around married life. A word of caution here is to be careful that all is done in jest and within limits and that no-one is offended. This event is held in advance and not prior to the wedding as it would take a toll on the bride and groom who may have last-minute errands to look after.

To have the most successful co-ed bachelor party it is important to keep in mind the following tips:

  • The best way to plan a co-ed party is with the co-ed help of the best man and the maid of honor. The sole motive of this party should be, to have a fun-filled party that would work for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen. To arrive at that, it is essential to throw in lots of ideas and collectively select the most feasible ones. Co-ordination will be the biggest factor here.
  • As it the last big night out for both the bride and the groom the décor of the party should also complement both of them. Be it at a house or hotel room, the party supplies and novelties that are bought should keep in mind both of them and not offend anyone. The best bet here is to get more classical and somewhat conservative items.
  • Although the party will be enjoyed by both the bride and groom and other couples as well it is a great gesture to have a little bit of a separate gender time where bachelors can indulge in any kind of fun they desire for within their group and even the bachelorettes can find solace in their own company. Both the parties will like to indulge in their own thing for some-time. This gender bonding at the party can occur with some activity like all the women heading to a spa or the men headed to play any professional sport. They can return back and gather together for a late night dinner. It gives you the feeling of having the best of both the worlds.
  • Co-ed Games and activities serve as an ultimate ice breaker between the groups. Attending concerts, hiring a party bus together and bar hopping can be done when with a mixed group. This also serves as a great way for the singles among the groups to get hooked. Women may find their Mr. Right sitting in front of them from the groom’s side.
  • Another fun way to celebrate a co-ed bachelor party is to have a theme party. From vintage style dress code to playmates with Hugh Heffner. There are a plethora of themes available from which you can finalize and choose the one that is collectively selected by most of the participants.

This co-ed party is the best way for all the singles to mingle in the best way. The ambiance and feel of the event is full of relaxation, so all are at their best behavior because they feel at ease and are very comfortable. All this brings out the charm and charisma needed to attract anyone. So this party can serve as a preamble to many great associations and connections. So it can bring more happiness and love with it which is not only for the bride and groom. Cupid may find his way to a couple of hearts in the party itself.

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