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An A-Z Guide On Choosing The Right Event Venue

Organizing a successful event means deciding a lot about both the small and big things. To name a few, it […]

Organizing a successful event means deciding a lot about both the small and big things. To name a few, it includes confirming the date of the event, preparing a list of guests, selecting the venue, arranging a pleasant environment, selecting the caterers, ensuring parking facilities and choosing a good theme. It is important to take all these decisions as each of them have a direct impact on your event.

Only selecting a venue is associated with several important aspects like catering options, decorations, time of the event and parking among others so one should choose it very carefully. To help you out here, we have prepared a complete guide on when and how to choose the right venue for an event.

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When should you start looking for the venue

The sooner you start looking for the venue the better it is. But before you set out to search for the perfect location, make sure you have understood the budget bandwidth you have, the estimated number of guests and the scale of the event. Once you have calculated these things, start your search at least 5 to 6 months before the estimated date of the event, so that you will have adequate time to plan for each and everything. To make the process easy, you can also take the help of an event organising software.

Things to consider while choosing the venue

1. Location

The first thing that comes into mind while thinking of the venue is its location. If you are throwing a local event and the majority of the guests are from the city itself, then select one that is easily accessible by everyone. But if most of your attendees are from another city or state, then select the one near the airport or hotel. No matter what location you choose, make sure that the venue has parking facility, easy accessibility, and lower traffic in the way.

2. Parking

The second important aspect to take into consideration while choosing the venue is the parking lot. Nowadays, many event locations offer valet parking so that your guests don’t have to trouble themselves looking for spare space to park their vehicle. In case, the place doesn’t provide you with parking, you can look for a nearby parking lot which can be used by your guests. You can either include the price of the parking in the tickets of the event or have your guest pay the amount at the time of parking.

If you are planning an upscale event, then parking or rather valet parking becomes the most obvious choice to ensure the comfort and convenience of your invitees. In such a case, select a venue that offers its own valet parking.

3. Room capacity

You can’t organize an event for 2000 people packed in a room that has a maximum capacity to hold 1000 people only. So make sure the place you are selecting can accommodate all your guests easily. To keep yourself on the safe side, always book a room with more than the required capacity. Also, it should have all the fire and safety equipment in place. Also, check whether they offer complimentary drinks to the attendees or not.

4. Amenities and services

Consider whether the venue provides any added amenities or services. For example, check if the place has its own chairs, linens, and tables or you have to arrange them yourselves. If they offer it, then you can save a great deal. Also, consider if they have their own cleanup staff or not. To avoid any complications, always go for a venue that provides their own cleanup crew.

If you are giving catering orders to them, check twice whether they have their own kitchen or have a partnership with food providers. Before you confirm the order with them, taste the food to ascertain whether it is appropriate for your guests.

Before you start looking out for a venue, keep a cheap printed pen and a small diary with you always. Once you analyze the space carefully, write down the amenities and facilities offered by them. Also, note down the things that you have to make arrangements for on your own. This way your search will be easier and more effective.

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