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Are You Doing Your Bit For The Environment?

I have to admit I am no environmental expert but I have over the last couple of years become more […]

I have to admit I am no environmental expert but I have over the last couple of years become more interested in ‘green issues’ and have been surprised to learn that even the smallest changes can make a big difference to our consumption of energy.


Also another thing that will probably please you is that a lot of these tips will save you money, energy sources are very expensive and this is a great way of cutting those dreaded gas and electricity bills! But remember to use your bag for life to carry all your extra goods that you buy with the money you have saved!

1. Energy Saving

Think about how you can save energy? This may seem like a very obvious thing to suggest but when you actually look into how much energy you consume and how much of that is actually wasted you probably will be shocked. Go by the rule if you aren’t using it, turn it off.

I have to admit I am really bad for having the radio on in one room, the television on in another and charging my phone all night! I am sure I am not they only one guilty of this?Another down fall of many people is leaving lights on in rooms you are not occupying; you could also go one step further and invest in energy saving bulbs. So that when they are on they are saving you even more energy.

2. Use Your Car Less

The price of petrol is enough to put anyone off driving but when you look into the damage that it does to the environment that is defiantly a reason to cut down your miles. I understand that cutting back on petrol usage can be very difficult; I have to drive to work due to the location of my office as there are no public transport options.

However, I would firstly suggest using public transport if you can, even if it is only on the weekends. Ask your employers about green schemes they may have. Many have interest free loans for season tickets for public transport, which will save you even more money.

Also many work places have employee car sharing schemes, this is a fantastic way of cutting down on you fuel usage. If none of this is possible think about driving smartly, for example try to do the food shop on the way home from work to save an extra journey out in the car. Another option is to walk, I know this might sound obvious but how many of us drive to the corner shop when we could actually walk?

3. Recycle

Recycling could not be easier now, so there is no excuse not to do it. Gone are the days that you have to trawl to your local recycling bins with your boat full of recycling! Your recycling procedure will differ depending on your local council, however most councils offer or even enforce recycling.

This normally consists of a garden waste bin, food waste bin and a bin for recycling items such as cardboard and plastic. Some council’s even offer a pick up service for glass, such as jars and bottles. If you are not sure about recycling in your area I would firstly suggest looking at your local councils website, if not give them a call and they will be happy to help.

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