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Assure the Quality Aspect of Medicine Manufacturing Business

Pharma business is regularly expanding its arms. Without looking back, the Pharma Industry in India is achieving new heights in […]

Pharma business is regularly expanding its arms. Without looking back, the Pharma Industry in India is achieving new heights in terms of market share and its overall contribution to National GDP. Meanwhile, the PCD based pharma companies have also emerged as the new show-stopper wherein along with the Propaganda; the distribution of medicines is also looked after by the Monopoly Pharma Companies.

On one side, this surge has raised the hopes among the Monopoly Pharma world while on other side maintaining the quality aspect, avoiding fake or adulterated medicines, removing substandard drugs and stopping unethical practices in medicines has become equally important.

There are certain ways to choose to maintain the quality assurance for medicines in the Pharma Franchise World-

  1. Establish Standards- Quality assurance exists to serve a number of objectives, hence for the top pharma company, establishing the standards is the first and foremost thing to do. On the basis of certain rules, and guidelines a pharma company should establish the standards for the products range it is going to offer to people.
  1. Set Benchmark- Benchmark is the formal way of following the tradition of quality aspects. There are the different type of benchmark for different product list like- medicines, syrups, injectables, cough syrups, capsules, and tablets. Even for the instruments for medical aid, there is an international benchmark which should be opted for by the Pharma Manufacturing Company.
  1. Maintain a unique and dedicated line staff for quality- It is imperative to have the dedicated professional hired by the medicine manufacturing firm whose main job is to test the quality of the products. They must keep an eye on the total quality management aspect and find out the loopholes if any.

The staff must be trained according to the latest quality parameters and well acquainted with all the know-how about quality assurance in Medicine Pharma Company.

  1. Through Controlling Mechanisms- It is always advisable to keep doing the reality check by compared the expected performance with the actual performance. The gap, it occurred should be filled with a proper controlling mechanism so that it could not get repeated for the next time. Proper reporting system can help in this to generate desirable results.
  1. Get Certified- Taking the authorized certificates for the medicines and the product range will help the company is convincing customers in their product range must faster. The quality certificate will act as a guarantee from the side of Pharma Manufacturing company in terms of reliability, safety, durability and efficiency of their product range. For that purpose, SOP (System Operating Procedures are uniquely designed by regulatory authorities and the scientific community to keep an eye on the Pharma Manufacturing companies in a formal way.
  1. Take the expert advice- Experts are there to simplify your job. They will help you greatly in connecting the pathways and set you comparatively free to perform the unplanned nature of the task to boost your company’s performance. You don’t need to put pressure and let the experts do the job of quality assurance for you.

Additionally, if you are going to hire the third party manufacturing then again maintaining quality remains an important aspect to look after continuously.


Quality is such a feature which no Medicine company should compromise, else it will have to face some harsh results. Quality assurance along with ethical manufacturing practices, on one side generate confidence while it also offers long time goodwill to your pharma company. One must abide by the guidelines given by them to authorities and follow a fixed structure to remain intact with the quality assurance aspect of Medicine Company Business.

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