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The New Sleep Drug

All sleep drugs work in similar way: they turn off the brain cells by stimulate the brain receptors that have an effect on the brain cells. While in the earlier times, beer did this job, it is now taken over by drugs like Halcion, Valium and Ambien, which is the best selling sleep drug. However, there is a new improvement in this area and a sleep researcher at Merck, John Renger and his team claim that they ...

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The Case Of A Good Man Doing A Bad Thing

The case of Rajat Gupta is an extremely unique case as he was an extraordinary man who devoted his entire life for the betterment of his fellow humans, colleagues and all those who came into his contact. Yet he did something which is not at all acceptable. He did insider trading. Rajat Gupta, Board Member of the Goldman Sachs was accused of insider trading by disclosing vital non-public information of the c ...

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Home Improvement Industry Set to Witness Rise in Customers

Even before the super storm Sandy hit America, the industry had already started to witness some increase in the number of home owners opting for home improvement. This was due to the fact that there had been no renovations and home improvements due to the general depression in the market and tightness of money. However, with the improvement in general conditions of the economy and increase in the property p ...

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Orient Express to Launch New Train Trips

The schedule of the coveted train Orient Express is set for a change. With a view to adding in new customers Orient Express is about to start new trips and cruises to several new destinations in 2013. In the first of these new destinations, Orient Express is adding Scandinavia where the train will travel from Stockholm via Copenhagen and return from Stockholm to Italy via Copenhagen. Also added on the list ...

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The Issue of Taxing Foods

The food industry is tied upon the recent issue of taxing food items, which is now gaining prominence as more and more governments are thinking to introduce the taxes. The issue of taxing foods according to the nutrition that they provide is seen as a way to tackle the menace of obesity and curb the rising incidents of diet-related health problems. The taxes have been implemented in France, Hungary and Denm ...

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The Children Must Be Returned To Family: French Alps Shooting

The survivors from the British family, which was brutally shot at when they were vacationing in the French Alps in September are demanded to be returned back to their relatives. As must be known, a British family which was vacationing in the French Alps was shot dead along with a French cyclist. Those among the dead were Iqbal al-Saffar, her husband Saad al-Hilli and her mother. The French cyclist too had b ...

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Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Mobile Operating System

In a bid to make the competition even stiffer, Microsoft has launched its much awaited new Windows 8 operating system for PC’s and tablets on Monday in San Francisco. With this launch, Microsoft plans to take a big chunk of tablet and mobile market that is currently ruled by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft plans to launch aggressive marketing of the new operating system and as CEO Steve Ballmer ...

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Pets in Need of Shelter and Food Supplies after Sandy

After hurricane Sandy hit New York and other parts of the country, thousands of animals are in dire need of shelter and food supplies to remain alive. According to the estimate of the American Humane Association, more than 15 million dogs, 14 million cats, 1.5 million horses were in the path of the hurricane Sandy, not to mention the fishes and other assorted animals. Richard Gentles, spokesman for Animal C ...

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Arsenal Wenger Wants Theo Walcott

After Tuesday night’s thrilling 7-5 Capital One Cup victory over Reading in which 23 year old Theo Walcott displayed his goal scoring hunger and threat by scoring a hat-trick, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants to retain the Englishman with his side. Although Theo Walcott’s contract with the side expires in January at the end of the season and the player and the club is at loggerheads over salary negotiations ...

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Optimize Your Website Regularly

Most of us enter the SEO game only once that is when we launch our website and then forget to optimize our website as we fail to understand the need of optimization on regular basis. SEO is not a quick coat of paint before calling the house ready for occupation and then leaving it the same way till it starts to peel off. SEO is a science with which your website talks to the search engines in the language th ...

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