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How To Rest And Revitalise In Vancouver

Thanks to Vancouver's relatively warm weather and its proximity to some absolutely breathtaking scenery, getting outdoors is pretty much the best way to get your mojo rising when faced with yet another perfect day in BC. The parks, the lakes and the ocean all play no small part in why Vancouver is consistently voted as one of the world's most liveable cities and if you're wishing to revitalise and rest easy ...

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How To Travel The World On A Budget

No matter where you find yourself over the course of a career break or student gap year, one thing is for sure: keeping to a budget has to be the only way to survive and successfully return to the work place intact and ready to progress. Ensuring you have a reasonable amount of savings to come home to and as few debts as possible not only relieves the financial burden from your shoulders but also eases stre ...

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How To Survive 2014 On A Tight Budget

As we all know the cost of living is showing no signs of decreasing and from people losing their jobs to a housing ladder that's almost impossible to reach, financially speaking, times are pretty tough. However, with the advent of a New Year comes fresh hope and if you found 2013 a struggle then isn't it about time that you took the bull by the horns and made some changes in 2014? Below are a few pearls of ...

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Where To Spot A UFO In The USA

Questions around the existence of extraterrestrial life have been a major part of American culture for decades. The fifties saw interest peak, with paranoia high during the Cold War when lots of new aircraft and weaponry were being tested in deepest secrecy, as did the sixties, with space exploration becoming a reality and sci-fi stories taking a leap forward. And then in the nineties, the X-Files became a ...

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What To Get Dad For Christmas

It has to be said that knowing what to get dad for Christmas is sometimes like unearthing the holy grail of presents as a laid back attitude to pretty much having everything that he already needs often entails that if he won't tell then how do we know? The answer is most definitely not even to bother to ask as by just watching this noble beast away from work time will enable you to instantly get a feel for ...

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Highlights Of Venice Beach

Venice Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles just south of Santa Monica, was created in the early 20th century by a developer named Abbot Kinney, who wanted to create a centre of culture along the lines of the original. To this end he began work on a small canal system, and imported some gondolas from Italy. It didn’t end up quite the way he imagined, but still has become one of America’s most well-known holiday d ...

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How To Fly Long Haul With Kids

If you're thinking of taking your kids on holiday but you don't want to compromise on location then there's only one thing for it – long-haul! Australia, Africa and South-east Asia are all waiting to be explored and discovered through the eyes of your children. However, if you're fearing the outcome of over 12 hours holed-up in the same position then read on because below are 10 essential tips that every pa ...

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How To Travel In Style

No matter what you're used to, giving yourself a little piece of luxury every now and again is certainly worthwhile. There's just something that makes us smile when we spoil ourselves and from spas and massages to slap-up meals at a posh restaurant, everyone needs to experience a little bit of the good life at least once in awhile. Travellers are absolutely no different and although the temptation to go eco ...

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Great Advice for Female Travellers

No matter where you want to travel, be it the Middle East, China or the United States, women travelling on their own are going to encounter a variety of experiences in more ways than one. Unfortunately we still live in a world where lone females are often viewed differently to their male counterparts and, for whatever reason, the need for women to pay greater heed to their safety is often the key to a succe ...

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Discover the Beauty of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is one of America’s best-known, and best-loved, national parks. It straddles nearly nine thousand square kilometres, the park being mainly in the state of Wyoming, but also accessible in Montana and Idaho. Comprising many intricate ecosystems, Yellowstone is home to thousands of species of animal and plant-life, as well as many unique geographical points of interest such as waterfalls and geyser ...

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