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Safety & Mobility in the Home

Everyone always feels safe in their own home, however if you have a disability or limited mobility you may find that you don’t always have complete confidence when moving around the home independently. Even just falling once can affect your overall confidence, therefore it is always advisable to take steps towards improving the safety and accessibility of your home. Here are a few simple yet invaluable ways ...

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How I Started My Own Business After Retraining

In 2011, I was made redundant, and after looking for work without success for about a year, I realised that I needed to retrain. However, as a single parent, my availability was very limited: I had to be able to do the school run, and being unemployed, I couldn’t afford to pay for childcare. I needed a solution that would fit with my family life and where I could study at the oddest hours if I needed to. Fo ...

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Make Bath Times Easier With a Bath Lift

Having the ability to be independent in the things you do is something that is very important to people. Many able bodied people take this for granted, but for those with mobility problems it can be very frustrating. One of the things that people with mobility problems have the most difficulty with is bathing. However, there are many different types of disabled bathroom equipment that can offer that level o ...

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Top 5 Psychologists who Shape Up the Modern Day Psychology

We are unfamiliar that in the past, repeated attempts were made to reshape psychology in line to other science disciplines like science and chemistry. But, unfortunately, psychology was fragmented in the form that is now available to us. Below is the list of top 5 psychiatrists who played a major role for modern day psychology. Not only the below ones, but be sure to keep in touch with people like Dr Peter, ...

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5 Best Apps For Chatting From Your Smartphone

Dedicated chat applications on smartphones are not just a way to relax while using public transport, when you're alone in a cafe or you sit on a bench in the park, but they also have an undeniable usefulness: the ability to communicate in writing, in real time, and much cheaper than a lengthy SMS exchange. Next, we will review a list of the most popular and interesting chat applications for your smartphone, ...

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Children and Teens: The Privacy Issue

The sad fact of life is that as our children grow older, they no longer want to spend as much time with us, their parents.  It starts off so gradually that you hardly notice it and then one day you realise; those joint shopping trips are a thing of the past; going to the cinema with you is no longer cool and (worst of all) they start to shut their bedroom door.  OK, you are used to them spending time in the ...

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What’s in a Name? Naming Your Brand

You’ve got the product or service. You’ve got the motivation to get your name out there. But what name are you going to use? Naming your new brand may sound like a fun and easy task, but when you consider it’s the name that people will be associating with your services for years to come the task is actually fairly daunting. With your new logo and name ready to go, you can start printing out promotional mate ...

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Construction and Parking Lot Maintenance of Storage Buildings

When it comes to Construction and Parking Lot design, the hardest industrial style building to develop and maintain is Storage facilities.  For one these facilities need to be designed around several accommodations, the Building and the Parking Lot. First, the Parking Lot must be designed according to the land lot size and the building.  One firm that specializes in these Parking Lot designs and maintenance ...

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Benefits of Wireless Automation

The advent of mobile networks has almost rendered communications means like dedicated lines or telephone networks obsolete. Mobile networks circumvent hindrances like physical limitations and reduce operation costs. But that doesn’t mean mobile networks are immune to glitches and faults. This is where companies specializing in wireless automation come in. These companies provide various solutions at client ...

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3 Signs You’re Bad At Blackjack (and How To Get Better)

Embarrassed to admit how many hands of blackjack you've lost lately? Don't label yourself a bad player just yet. Check out these common blackjack mistakes and learn how to avoid them and become a better player. Playing Conservatively Image via Flickr by Erik (HASH) Hersman A common misconception about blackjack is that it's a game best played conservatively. While blackjack does favor conservative play, bol ...

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