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How To Acquire Capital For A Franchise Purchase: 7 Smart Tips

When choosing your favorite franchise, you need to make sure you have enough capital not just to purchase it, but to give it the best chance at succeeding. Prices vary widely between franchisors (and some franchisors may even be willing to negotiate), but many of the costs will typically come from new liabilities that stem from running the business. When tapping into your finances for the big buy, these tip ...

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Scotland: 7 Fun Things To Do Besides Golf!

If you’re going to Scotland, you may be going to play upon some of the most beautiful and oldest of the world’s golf courses. It was, of course, those Scotsmen who (to paraphrase Robin Williams) invented this game of using a screwed up, curved little stick to whack a ball into a gopher hole, with flags planted just to give you hope before you give yourself a stroke. But there’s a funny thing about touring S ...

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How Software Rules The World

A long time ago, you could have said that people rule the world. Not so any more. Now, it seems every single thing we do in business has to do with software. Whether it’s security software for protecting your data, sky drives and cloud drives, lead generation or marketing management, everything is run by some sort of software, and many of these are running on some sort of automation or pre designed system. ...

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6 Wise Ways To Use Extra Cash

Do you have some extra cash in your pocket or bank account? Maybe you received an unexpected bonus and are now a few hundred dollars richer. Perhaps you got back a deposit, or applied for a cash loan, or maybe your budgeting is good and you have extra spending money each month: What should you do with it? Spending it on entertainment or leisure items may be fun, but there is a lot of good that money can do. ...

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