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Gloria Philips is a freelance content writer and guest blogger. She has written many articles on various topics. However, She likes to write on technology, SEO and Social Media. The basic purpose of writing is to share experiences and knowledge with others. You can contact her on .

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Top 7 Myths Of Cloud Hosting

1-You still don’t have an Idea what Actually Cloud Hosting is: Yes, you do, most likely. Some of the most common technologies that a lot of businesses have used for cloud hosting include, Dropbox, Facebook and LinkedIn. And if you have some knowledge of using any of these systems and their storage services, then you have an idea that these technologies are easy to use and often used increase output and help ...

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Why You Need A Mobile App Surveys

Surveys are no doubt most powerful tools for market analysis and driving customer insight. The most common question that restaurants and auto shops ask, “how did we do today?” and retail stores often ask, “Did you find everything?” To the customer these questions may look less vital, but to a business these questions are most critical for understanding how to make improvements. Surveys play a major role in ...

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