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Misty Jhones is a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of California. She is an expert writer and an enthusiast blogger. She has written content for various online journals and online magazines. You can more articles on her website FreeDieting.

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Only Active and Sport-Specific Warm-up Improves Performance

An active warm-up of the upper body improves the performance of athletes who use their arms and upper body, such as swimmers, kayakers and tennis players. Stretching, cooling, passively keeping warm or vibrating the upper body, on the other hand, has no effect on the sport performance. Most athletes and coaches know that a good warm-up is important for optimal sport performance. Although much research has b ...

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What To Do If You’re Thinking About Ending Your Marriage

There will come a time that the union between a husband and wife is tested. The husband or wife may think if continuing the relationship is still worth it; a hard question to ask since the answer can only be found deep inside, past all the superficial hurts. To figure out if fighting for your marriage is the best option, you must consider your partner and children’s welfare. Deep down, the only question is ...

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Hemorrhoid Surgeries – Types and After Care

Some of the hemorrhoid surgeries can be performed in a doctor’s clinic without anesthetic, whereas other types of surgeries can only be performed at hospital. Here are different types of surgeries suggested by the author of Hemorrhoid No More Review. Banding Banding or rubber band ligation is a small procedure to treat internal hemorrhoids. It can also be done at doctor’s office. It involves using a tight b ...

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6 Natural Yet Effective Home Remedies For Hemorrhoid

Around 50% of US population experiences hemorrhoids at 50 years of age? Characterized by inflamed, swollen veins in rectum, hemorrhoids were on the top health trends in year 2012, leading to substantial advertising for hemorrhoid treatments. However good news is that there are several effective home treatments and prevention tips for hemorrhoid. So go for natural hemorrhoid treatments instead? 1. Apple Cide ...

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Logo Story Of The Legendary Batman

‘Because I Am Batman!’ You read it in the voice of Batman? Oh Yes! This is because Batman is the love of almost everyone on the planet earth. However this article is not for your passion to batman but it will highlight few facts about the evolving branding of the batman. When By Whom This Fictional Legendary Character Was Created? The legendary fictional character Batman was created by Bill Finger and Bob K ...

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How To Get An Exclusive Custom Professional Logo Design

Brand identities and personalities can be created at very lucrative costs. However; the majority of business people especially in startup time believe that getting and exclusively custom logo is always expensive. The fact is different! There are a variety of ways by which you can get result-oriented cheap logo designs. Here are some of them. 1-    Competitions and Contests There are various websites where y ...

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