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How Did Taxi Cabbing Come About?

Though you may not use taxicabs on a regular basis, you may have wondered how they first originated. Even if you live in a community in which most residents own and drive their own car, taxicabs still play a vital role in the transportation infrastructure of the U.S. and in many countries worldwide. Below is a brief history of taxi cabbing and the current role taxis play in modern society. The Birth of Taxi ...

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Cool Ideas For Your Christmas Costume Party!

Christmas parties don't have to be stuffy affairs where everyone dresses up in their best outfits to play another rousing (read "boring") round of “Secret Santa” or “Yankee Swap.” If you're lucky, you'll be invited to attend a Christmas costume party this year and find unique ways to celebrate the season. Read on for five cool ideas for your Christmas costume party. UGGGH! Prepare for an Ugly Sweater Party ...

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Cool Birthday Party Themes For Those Born In The ’80s

If you were born in the '80s, you probably have fond childhood memories of Saved by the Bell, Full House, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Britney Spears, or other popular culture hits. Holding a fun birthday party for all your friends born in the '80s is a great way to celebrate in style. If you are hosting the party for yourself or for a close friend, here are some party themes you should consider for a great part ...

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Top Cities To Visit In Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. Travelers flock to the Amazon rainforest, the beautiful tropical beaches, and Brazil's vibrant, multifaceted cities. Below are some of the best cities to visit in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, known as the marvelous city, is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The lush rainforests, ...

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The Best Ways To Harness Solar Power

Solar energy is a type of energy that uses the sun to its advantage. It can be harvested to heat homes, power generators, turn on lights, and perform a number of other tasks. Safer, cheaper, and sustainable, it has gained in popularity over the past few years. However, its potential is not even close to being reached. The Power of Solar According to National Geographic, the sun gives off enough energy each ...

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A Brief History Of Joliet Prison

Operating from 1858 to 2002, the Joliet Correctional Facility is located in Joliet, Illinois. It was closed due to budget cuts and dangerously dilapidated buildings; any remaining inmates and staff were transferred to Stateville Correctional Center. While Joliet may not be as famous or familiar to people as other prisons in US history, like Alcatraz, it possesses a particular distinction of its own. Early H ...

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Neat Facts About Recycling

Recycling is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the earth. With more carbon emissions entering the atmosphere from industrial production, and more trees being cut down for lumber, paper, etc. today, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more apparent. With recycling, people can help to reduce the harm that we've caused through pollution and waste. Recycle can be very interesting, even fun. Read on f ...

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Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Though acupuncture has been a standard medical procedure in the East for thousands of years, it has only recently become popular in the West. The practice involves the insertion of hair-thin needles in various points throughout the body. In the United States, acupuncture is considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine; the research is still ongoing as to its efficacy. Every year millions of A ...

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The Most Eagerly Anticipated Supreme Court Cases

Every October, the Supreme Court of the United States convenes for a new judicial term. This fall, many important cases will come before the court, many which will be nationally notable and controversial. In the 2012-2013 session, decisions overturning the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and a key portion of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 (Shelby County v. Holder) were a few of the headlines in one of th ...

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The Best Car Air Fresheners On The Market

Gone are the days of tree-shaped scented cardboard figures that you hang on your rearview mirror to mask odors in your car. While you can still find similar car air fresheners on the market, they tend to overwhelm your car the first few days out of the package, and then fade away quickly over the next few weeks. With the advances in car air fresheners that plug into your dashboard or clip onto your air vent ...

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