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Complete List Of NBA Team YouTube Channels (2013)

If you love the NBA, you probably can't get enough of your favorite team. Fortunately, even when a game's not on or the season has come to an end, there's still a way to get your fill of action. Because they've seen how much fans love the freedom to watch clips from any computer, smartphone or tablet, just about every NBA team now has an official YouTube channel. The four NBA teams with the most views of th ...

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Don’t Let Your Business Fail Like HMV- Keep On Top Of Changing Industries

As a business owner, no matter what it is your company does, you need to stay on top of changes in the industry in order to avoid being left behind. Because of the internet huge changes have occurred in many industries, forcing them to change their business plans and completely revamp. One company that can be accused of not staying on top of their game is HMV- the worldwide CD and DVD retailers. Where Did H ...

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Too Small For Ice Skating – What Are My Winter Options?

The Return of the Snow After years of getting little snow in the UK, recently we have seen a return of the (for some at least) dreaded white stuff. Because we had become so used to mild and rainy winters, the country seems to grind to a halt with the first snowflakes. Councils are always unprepared; car manufacturers tend to focus less of designing them for the prolonged periods of intense cold and many man ...

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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

There is a difference between getting poisoning and just passing out after drinking too much. It is a subtle difference that is frequently underestimated and overlooked. This should not be the case, because if you learn to be able to tell the difference, you could save a life. The most common symptoms of alcohol poisoning make themselves evident before the victim has lost consciousness. They include confusi ...

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The Evolution Of Printing

Printing is a method of duplicating text and images on paper by using ink. The printing process has evolved over an extensive period of time to develop into what it is today. Some of the first printing techniques were invented in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia (-Current Arabia) - where cylindrical seals and other similar stamp-seals were first introduced. In 240 AD, wood printing came into existence, with similar e ...

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5 Tips To Make Your Proposal Truly One Of A Kind

Your woman will be telling stories of your proposal for the rest of her life. She’ll regale her friends and family with every little detail, and the memory of your proposal will warm her heart forever. When you think about it, that’s a lot of pressure for a guy to handle, isn’t it? You want to make sure you give your lady a proposal that’s as special and unique as she is. She want her to be able to proudly ...

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Important Uses For An Accelerometer

An accelerometer is a piece of equipment that is used to measure acceleration forces.  Those forces may be static or dynamic, measuring things like the continuous force of gravity or movement and vibration. Here are several important uses for an accelerometer over a range of industries. Medical Uses In the medical industry, the accelerometer may be used to measure the depth of compressions during CPR.  Anyo ...

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The Current Investment Trends Abroad

What are the current investment trends which are developing in Malaysia? The economy of this beautiful Southeast Asian nation is undergoing a great deal of transformation and growth at the moment and many investment opportunities in Malaysia are arising. With many foreign investors preparing to make the leap into Malaysian property and business, there is a lot of potential growth in this area. There are man ...

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What You Must Know About Ultrasound Equipment

To many people an utrasound machine appears to be a work of science fiction. Others consider these machines to be far too complex to understand. Yet, there are those individuals who find that ultrasound equipment is extremely useful in many different settings. There are also profits that can be made when buying, trading or selling ultrasound machines. Times Change and Ultrasound Technology is Keeping Pace X ...

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Must Have Items & Supplies As A New Homeowner

Moving into your first home can be extremely exciting. You are out of the world of renting and into the world or mortgages. However, many first-time homeowners are not fully prepared when small projects start popping up around the house—there’s no calling maintenance for that leaking sink—which is why you should always be prepared with a few essential items. Before you go out and buy the entire home improve ...

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