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What’s The Racket About Rickets?

Rickets, which can lead to bone breakage and disfigurement, is a softening of bones because of a lack of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium.  The term “rickets” may come from the Old English word wrickken, which meant, “to twist.”  In many developing countries, it is the number one childhood disease. Rickets can be seen in adults but the vast majority of cases are found children who suffer from undernourishme ...

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Signs That You’re Over Stressed

If you try to put a frog in a pan of boiling water it will writhe and struggle in your hand to escape. If you put a frog in a pan of room temperature water, and then gently raise the temperature, the frog’s cold blooded nature will prevent it from noticing anything is wrong. You could boil the frog alive without it noticing. Stress can be a lot like that. Whether it’s coming from your work, your family life ...

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Buying School Uniforms Made Easy

Buying school uniforms is one of the more unpleasant tasks parents face when it gets close to back to school time. Inevitably everyone goes shopping for the same thing at the same time, and your kids won’t be hugely keen on making it easier either. It can be harder if you have multiple kids in multiple schools, each with their own strictly laid out dress codes. Fortunately there are a few simple tricks that ...

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Did A Dull Conference Venue Lead To Uninformative Obama Conference?

Why was President Obama listless, unimaginative and evasive during the first press conference following his thumping win over Mitt Romney? This was an occasion to celebrate. To be witty and informative. To inform the nation of what lies ahead. And, have fun. And, all Obama did was evade. Was it because of the dull, formally-draped, dry, and absolutely boring conference venue? Well, most observers would say ...

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Do Online Universities Measure Up?

You would have to agree, one way to gain professional credibility is with a degree.  Online universities such as the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, UNSW MBT program or say Kaplan University might be the answer to obtaining a degree needed to make career progress. Many online universities including the ones previously mentioned are fully accredited and becoming better known.  Hybrid classroom/onl ...

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