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Common Skin Care Myths

With new skin care products hitting the market constantly and being convinced to try the newest trends in how we should take care of our skin, how do we know what really works and what we should be doing differently? To be sure that we are taking the best care of our skin, it’s important that we can separate the myth from the reality. The More the Better To get extra hydration for dry skin, you would think ...

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Mobile Devices Turning Into An Untethered Retail Experience

Imagine a completely untethered retail experience all from your mobile device. What would it look like for both consumers and retailers, and what would it mean for the future? Retailers know how to draw consumers in through promotional emails, mailings with coupons and discounts, and signs that are designed to catch people’s attention when they walk by a store. Yet, the mobile community is still greatly unt ...

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Knowing When To Use Your Camera’s Flash

Flash photography is a very different game from using the ambient light around you, but that doesn't mean your camera's flash can't be tamed all the same. When using flash, it is important to keep in mind that your subject is being lit by two distinct light sources, one of which you have control over. This control is much more expansive than making a picture brighter, and tactful use of flash will allow you ...

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Keeping Employees Safe Through The Use Of Proper Safety Equipment

Falls are one of the major mishaps which occur in the workplace, especially for those working in the construction or cleaning industries. It is important that employers have good fall safety equipment available to all employees. Safety harnesses are the top item associated with fall protection gear. They are safety devices that usually use a number of nylon straps and buckles which are strategically harness ...

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How To Be Charismatic At Work

Who do you think of when you hear the word ‘charismatic’? Richard Branson? Oprah Winfrey? Nelson Mandela? Of course, many famous people have oodles of confidence and charm, but what is it that embodies charisma? According to Forbes, everyone can be charasmatic, and it’s definitely something that can be cultivated – whether you’re an actor or an accountant. If you feel that you’re lacking in the magnetic per ...

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How Short Is Too Short?

Based on their name and definition, a pair of shorts is intentionally supposed to be short. For women, the size range of shorts is anywhere between boy shorts and daisy dukes to Capri pants. However, the acceptable range for men’s shorts is much more limited than the range for women. It is extremely important to stay within the proper limit because there issuch a thing as a pair of shorts being too short fo ...

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Rental Properties As Part Of Your Retirement Plan

As retirement age speeds towards most of us at a rate that might be just a little too fast, certain questions inevitably begin to crop up in our minds. Have I saved enough? How will I stay occupied? How will I continue to bring in enough income to live at a level I consider comfortable? These are all reasonable questions to have, especially if you aren’t one of the few fortunate to have bundled away a huge ...

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Protective Clothing Safeguards Many For The Gambit

Protective clothing is responsible for keeping millions of people safe everyday but without understanding its purpose beyond safeguarding people from danger, we will never comprehend the intricacies of how involved these items of clothing can be. At work protective clothing can save us from a whole host of different aspects of harm and these different types are what this article is going top centre on. Blun ...

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Some Truly Unique Ideas For Anniversaries And Valentine’s Day (It’s Creeping Up)!

The most important thing about anniversaries and Valentine’s Day is the thought that goes into the gift. Well, after remembering when the date of it is, anyway! You don't have to spend an absolute fortune to show your other half that you love them, so here are some truly unique ideas that won't leave a gaping hole in the bank balance. Gifts that keep on giving                                                 ...

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Rewarding Your Staff In 2013

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to review the way you reward your staff. Keeping talented staff is vital to the success of any business and rewards are an excellent way of increasing staff satisfaction. Some of the points below may seem obvious, but they can easily be forgotten, so read on to see how you can reward your staff in 2013. Review Staff Benefits\Rewards Are you giving your staff wha ...

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