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5 Tips For Controlling Pests

Are you suffering through a pest problem? Use these 4 tips to control critter infestations on your property. Use a Sugar-Borax Combo Use a 1 to 1 sugar-borax combination to send ants packing. Leave this potent little mixture in high traffic areas where ants seem to congregate. Baseboards, foundation areas and other ant meeting points are optimal areas for sprinkling this concoction. Sugar reels in these guy ...

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Tips For Tidying Up Your Garage

No longer is your garage simply a place to store your ride. Today's garages are multi-function living spaces in many homes. Wash away the dirt and clean those cobwebs; by following a few basic tips you can spruce up your garage dramatically. This can actually become your preferred spot to chill or perhaps a valued work space. Many brilliant entrepreneurial ventures were hatches in garages. Don't worry; you ...

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4 Questions To Ask Before Picking A Financial Advisor

Since you will be living off of your nest egg at retirement time picking the right financial advisor can dictate your financial future. Skilled advisors will help you walk off into the sunset with confidence in yourself and your money situation. Choosing an unskilled, inept professional creates a potential financial nightmare. How do you view your money? If you don't want to suffer through the ups and downs ...

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Tips For Remaining Clean and Sober

Struggling through addiction can be difficult enough but remaining clean and sober while surrounded by temptation can be the ultimate challenge. Negative influences, trying circumstances and that unending urge to use push many users back into their addiction habit. Make a blanket decision to cure yourself from the inside out. If you help yourself by seeking out the advice of professionals and if you work on ...

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4 Tips For Picking A Dentist

Having a bright, clear smile improves your self-esteem as well as your overall health. Take care of your pearly whites by choosing a reputable, experienced dentist. Getting along well with your dentist can quell any needless anxieties. Since few people enjoy a trip to get their teeth cleaned it's imperative to find the right match for your personality type. Convenience plays a big part in your decision. You ...

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4 Online Dating Mistakes That Seniors Make

Forget any myths you have heard about internet dating for seniors. You can meet the love of your life online if you avoid making these common mistakes. Moving too Quickly Even the most balanced, calm and confident senior citizen fears the time factor. People looking for love later in life understand that they no longer have 30 or 40 years to establish a family and grow into a lasting relationship. If you ca ...

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6 Reasons To Visit Sedona

If you wish to add another trip to your Grand Canyon vacation Sedona offers you stunning scenery and a variety of fun activities. Whether you want to see the local wildlife, enjoy stunning Western sunsets of feast on a sumptuous meal the “Red Rock Country” can meet your travel needs. Leave the fast-paced life for a few weeks to enter into a peaceful, tranquil way of living. Visit Bearizona Wildlife Park The ...

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