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How To Wash Kids’ Sport and Activity Wear

We all know that kids love playing outdoors, and like nothing better than a bit of rough and tumble in a field or playground. This can however be tough on their clothes, with mud, grass and blood stains all common on kids’ sport and activity wear. Thankfully though, these stains can be treated relatively easy with the right know how, and so needn’t cause too many sleepless nights. For persistent grass and m ...

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8 Tips to Make Face Painting Easy and Fun

Face painting is a great activity to keep your kids and their friends entertained. A colourful painted face can also brighten up and complete that fancy dress costume for school or a friend's party. Here are eight tips to make your face painting session successful, stress-free, and fun! 1) Buy – or make – good quality face paints There are many reasons to buy good face paints that will counterbalance the co ...

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Planning Short Walks For The Whole Family To Enjoy

Getting outdoors and enjoying a bit of exercise is a lot more rewarding than just sitting in front of the TV all evening. Going out for a short walk – even if it is just for an hour and a half - is something that even young children can benefit from and enjoy. It also gives you a bit of quality time together as a family; but is an activity it doesn’t require a lot of complicated planning. Here are some tips ...

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10 Fun-in-the-Sun, Summer Activities For Kids

So, you’re at home over the summer holidays and can't think of how to amuse the kids. Check out this must-do list of kids’ activities to keep them entertained and occupied for as long as possible – you might even find you have fun yourself! 1) Baking Baking is always fun for children and although it’s usually an indoors activity, the results can be enjoyed outside by everyone. Bake for yourselves – a great ...

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