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A Beginner’s Guide To Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has quickly become the most popular hardwood flooring option. It consists of a layer of solid wood on the top that gives the impression of a wooden floor after it has been fully installed. People who enjoy doing their own projects will find this type of flooring easy to install whilst still being versatile and durable. Engineered wood flooring is not the same as laminate flooring. I ...

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What Is The Difference Between 7s and 15s Teams In Rugby

Besides the obvious difference of an additional 8 players in the 15s game, the duration of the game is a key difference. The pitch is the same size in both games, and rules also match. The 15-player version is played over 80 minutes, split into two halves, whereas 7s is just seven minutes each half. High impact There's no doubt that 15s is a high impact sport - the first tackle you see will convince you of ...

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An Introduction To The Food For Life Served Here award

In recent years, there has been increasing growth in the interest diners and consumers are showing when it comes to the source of the food they are eating. People want to know where their food came from. Was it ethically sourced? Is it organic? Is it local or imported? The answers to these questions can often have a major impact on whether we buy the produce on offer or look elsewhere. People care about the ...

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How To Set Up Your Own Mobile Catering Business

Starting up your own mobile catering business can be a great way to become self-employed in catering, without the hassle and overheads involved in finding business premises. What’s more, the demand for mobile catering is on the rise, whether it be for pop-up markets, weddings and functions or sporting events. Getting started As with any new potential business, research is essential. Gone are the days when a ...

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