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Baby, It’s Cold Outside – But My Feet Are Roasting By The Fire

A new season or year often inspires the creative among us to do some home improvements.  However, completing some DIY […]

A new season or year often inspires the creative among us to do some home improvements.  However, completing some DIY is not limited to a set time or season and can make you and your home that bit more cheerful all year round.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go
Whether you are taking a simpler route and getting some carpet cleaning done, or undertaking a renovation, starting a project always begins the same way.  There are a few bits and pieces which help get the process off to a great start.  Firstly, get the boring task out of the way first and do lots of planning.  If you have any existing issues or problems, rectify these and complete any jobs that you have been putting off.  When you think you are ready to go, work out your budget and compare all the deals on offer both in store and online.  If you want to see all your different ideas grouped together, why not create a mood board from samples and magazine cut outs.  This can help to determine what colours and textures would work well together in the room in question.  You could even unleash your artistic side and sketch out a plan of the room before you implement your favourite ideas.

Tantalising Tips and Tricks
If your budget is not quite as big as you would have liked, here are a few smaller changes and improvements which can have a huge impact and instantly uplift a room:

  • Many buyers pick their home based on the kitchen.  Whether you are selling up or just want a change, installing some new cupboard doors or door knobs can alter the feel of the room massively.
  • Have a good clear out.  Whether you are carpet cleaning in Stockport, vacuuming in the Valleys or hoovering in Huddersfield, not only will the room look bigger and brighter but you may discover some of your lost possessions.  Who said you can’t have a spring clean in winter?
  • Re-grout any tiled areas.  You could also use some tile stickers or paints to create an original look.
  • An interesting mirror will provide a focal point.
  • Innovative lighting can change the mood of a room instantly, as well as its appearance.
  • Accessorise with colourful photo frames, towels or ornaments, depending on which room is undergoing a transformation.  This will also help stamp your personality on the space.
  • A fresh bath mat or rug makes the most of any carpet cleaning you have done, as well as adding a bit of atmosphere to the room.

All Hot and Bothered
After all this cleaning and shopping it is time for a sit down.  In the freezing cold winter months, it is essential to keep your feet nice and cosy.  Not only can flooring establish a feel and an overall style for a room, it can also ensure that your toes are toasty warm.  Under floor heating is one way to achieve this; making the transition from sofa to floor that bit easier.  If you need to be a bit more economical, stick to good old carpet.  It is the most popular flooring type for a reason as it is suitable for budgets and rooms of all shapes and sizes.  Other economical, durable options include vinyl and laminated flooring, which are often used in kitchens and hallways where a lot of people mill round.  Wood flooring can be used if you would like to create a bit more of a statement, with ceramic floor tiles also available for this purpose.  Whichever option you go for, you will most likely be the owner of an impressive floor, with warm feet into the bargain.

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