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Basic Restaurant Equipment Required For High Class Restaurants

Even the most inexperienced chef will tell you that the most important part of a kitchen remains the restaurant equipment. […]

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Even the most inexperienced chef will tell you that the most important part of a kitchen remains the restaurant equipment. The clients would feel immediately that a kitchen is not equipped properly, and he will feel it from the taste of the food. If the first impression is bad, well, you can be sure that there will not be a second impression. Here are the appliances and kitchen solutions that must be the “hardware” of any restaurant.

1. Thermal Preparing kits

This is the central part of the kitchen. It contains ovens, stoves, with flame and electric. Of course, you can customize the kit by adding and removing appliances, but a professional restaurant will not survive with at least three ovens, a frying area and the fried oil bath. Those can function on gas or on electric power. The majority of models are made of steel, and you should not choose any other material. The supports must be adjustable, so the kit can be moved easily.

2. Hoods

You don’t want your guests to smell smoke in the restaurant while they are served steak, or the unpleasant smell of fried onion. This is why hoods make the difference in a kitchen. The hoods are placed above the thermal preparing area, with a connection to an external wall, for exhausting. Make sure to buy quality exhausting pipes, made of aluminum, because a bad system of this kind can lead to work accidents! Lawsuits are not so great for the image of a restaurant.

3. Slicing, cutting and chopping

Yes, we know that it is possible to buy frozen meat already chopped, sliced salami and cheese, packed in plastic, and lemon juice instead actual squeezed lemons, but this is not the way to treat exclusive clients. The master chef will require electric chopping machines, fast slicing wheeled appliances, automatic squeezing devices and mixers.

4. Refrigeration

Fresh is the new style today, and you can’t have fresh fruits and vegetables or even meat without a good refrigerating and freezing solution. It is recommended to have a refrigerating room, and some secondary refrigerators and freezers in the main cooking room, as those are more convenient for cooks.

5. Washing machines

One of the most unpleasant things for a client is to find traces of dried food on the plate in front of it, or worse, greasy fat. Don’t blame the poor wash boy that stays in front of the sinks all day long, he can’t do it! Automatic washing machines make sure that all the utensils are ready, and that the clients can arrange their hair in the sparkling surface of the plateaus!

Those are only a few ideas, but we are sure that you will need different restaurant equipment. Each business has its own characteristics, as you will not see a pizza oven in a vegan restaurant, just as you will need tens of frying pans for a Chinese Restaurant. Some of the companies selling restaurant equipment can also offer you consultancy for designing the kitchen.

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