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Beautify Yourself with Modern Versions of Black and White Patterns

Black and white designs have been ruling the market since a long time. Whether it is the retro stripes, graphic […]


Beautify Yourself with Black and White Patterns

Black and white designs have been ruling the market since a long time. Whether it is the retro stripes, graphic checks or harlequin prints, black and white designs will always remain to be in fashion. This pattern is a big obsession for this spring fashion. So far as you choose the white and black pattern 90’s style, basic one or the modern fashion, everything will have a chic look.

The traditional black-white combination has now turned into an adorning spectrum of stylish pattern for the upcoming generation. The fashion world has already declared black and white prints as the most notable trend for spring fashion 2013.

If you think that this pattern is not so glamorous, then you should better take a look at the section below. Here you will get some of the best examples of striking black and white patterns and their mixing combinations.

Basic Black and White Pattern  

When you do something you abide by some plan to get a favorable outcome and this is desirable of all. Similarly, when you pick the black and white pattern, you should stick to some vision, style and theme. Overdoing a makeup is never tempting instead keeping things simple or portraying simplicity in your dressup makes you noticeable. ‘Simplicity is the secret to beauty’.

Mix and Match

Don’t you feel like keeping your makeup simple? Does it appear unexciting and plain to you? Well, there is a solution for you too! If you do not feel like sticking to the basic pattern of black and white, you can always go for mix and match white and black graphic designs. For some this mix and match can be done effortlessly and for others this might require a little bit of practice. No matter whatever alternative you fix to, ultimately you can give a glamorous and gorgeous look with this traditional pattern.

Early 90’s  

When you think of structured blazers with high heels and high-waisted pants, instantly the image of some early 90’s comes to your mind. Isn’t it? This classic fashion of the nineties has effervescence and powerful vibes that are portrayed through its fashionable representation.

Do you like to have a more loud impact? The harlequin printing arriving this spring can be your choice. It has got a modern makeover through its heavy styling and bold lace appliques. So, with the heavy design in the traditional black and white pattern, you can create a stunning look to mesmerize the others. Wear some magnified accessories to amp yourself further.


The real essence of modern fashion lies in the sharp, elongated and clean silhouettes of black and white patterns. This style still remains to be elegant and timeless. Couple your dress of this pattern with flirty accessories, chic bouffants and low-heeled bumps – you will look fabulous! How about breaking the general rule of fashion? What is fashion, if you do not break a few rules? Make the 60’s look a little funny by quirky accessories and ultra mini silhouettes. Take a little bit of risk…


When you are going for a night out and planning to wear the traditional black and white pattern, you can use it on a shiny sequins coat – the two blends pretty well. Wear minimum of accessories to give a refined look. You should focus on keeping thick eyebrows and sticking to monochromatic makeup. For the hair, try the popular bed hair style in a modern way. With all these, you are all set to go.

So, choose any of the styles of black and white patterns and notice the subtle difference you create to your own style statement.

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