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Beginner’s Guide For People Who Desire To Start Social Marketing For Business

Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. With the advancement of technology and the popularity of social media sites on the Internet, even business owners utilize this platform to introduce their product in the market and eventually increase their sales. Aside from tapping a bigger market because of its accessibility, using social media sites as a marketing campaign is also cheaper, easier and more convenient.

But you don’t have to hire professionals and pay thousands of dollars when you decide to launch your business online. Here are few tips that will guide you in maximizing social media marketing for your business.

Create a Social Media Plan

Every business undertaking should always be carried out with a plan. Decide on which channel to use, outline measurable and realistic goals for the next months using social media, identify your market as well as your competition and come up with strategies to increase new connections.

Stick to At Least 2 Social Media Channels

Some business owners will think that the more social media accounts they sign up for, the higher chance of increasing their presence in the online market. While this may be true, the difficulty lies in managing these accounts and effectively engaging with potential customers. Start with one or two media channels with a greater share online and establish relationships through those channels first.

Keep it Simple and Real

When utilizing social media channels, make sure that each page should reflect your business and the products you sell. Keep your page simple, honest and attractive to potential customers. Take pictures of your products and supply all the information pertaining to it.

Dedicate your Time for Social Media

Social media marketing requires a lot of time, strategy and consistency. During the first year of using social media sites, social media management should be done by you since you are better equipped in terms of product knowledge. As much as possible, allocate a few minutes of your time everyday to update your page and answer your customer’s questions.

Connect with your Customers

Communication is very important in all aspects of life. As a business owner, directly connect and engage with your customers. Take time to answer their queries, mention and thank them for their posts and recommendations, invite them to participate in your company activities and events, promote your participation in trade fairs, and ask them directly for feedback. You may also want to ask questions on how your business can improve its product or share tips and practices to your followers in order to generate response. Integrate newsletters or announcements in your page as well. Keep in mind that real and enthusiastic communication can lead to better customer satisfaction, giving your business higher profit.

Be the “Authority”

Aside from posting your products, business owners should also learn to share relevant information, tips and practices related to its line of business. If you are a jewelry shop owner, post articles about how to find the right jewelry or information about diamonds. When customers see about your informative posts, there is a tendency for them to share the information as well. This helps other people become aware of your business, opening itself to a bigger market.


Each media account must be monitored at all times. Determine whether the business goals were realized or if there is an increase in market share and profit or whether you’re able to engage sufficient customer responses. Track the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies and use different tools in order to improve and broaden your company’s reach.

Social media marketing is not rocket science. With the utilization of right channels and proper management, timing and effective marketing strategies, even if you are running vending business will benefit from social media in no time.

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