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Benefits Of Using UV Curing Systems

One of the several thermal processing equipment is the UV curing systems. UV or ultra violet curing is actually a […]

One of the several thermal processing equipment is the UV curing systems. UV or ultra violet curing is actually a photo-chemical process that uses high intensity ultra-violet light to dry inks, coatings, adhesives, etc. Different from the traditional drying methods like solvent and water-based thermal drying processes, UV curing is said to have several advantages. Some of them are decreased reject rates, more speed in production, high scratch and solvent resistance, and superior bonding.

Introduced in the 1960s, the UV curing equipment is very commonly used for many industrial applications like electronic assembly, medical device bonding, and opto-electronic applications. They are used in industries such as telecommunications, electronics, automotive, decoration of glass, metal, and plastic, graphic arts, etc. The UV curing system is said to be very accurate and hence is considered to be an essential component for enhancing the performance of the end product.

The advantages of using UV curing systems are numerous. A product that is treated with this system has better abrasion and scratch resistance, enhanced glossy look, better chemical resistance, etc. The better the quality of the product, better would be the sales, thus leading to profits.

The time of production is less when it comes to using UV curing systems. Also, these systems are compact and do not require much space. Moreover, the requirement of direct labor is also less. One can say that these machines are environment friendly too, as they help to save energy and control the emissions. Apart from all these advantages, one of the most prime reasons why this system has become popular among industries is because it increases yield and reduces the scrap that comes out during the production process.

Benefits Of Using UV Curing Systems

Several types of UV curing systems are available today. Many companies manufacture these systems according to the demands and requirements of the customers. There are portable curing systems, which are very commonly used for floor coating. Apart from the light production systems, high volume production systems are also available. Some of the curing equipment are handy-type equipment, built-in equipment, desktop equipment, conveyor-type equipment, etc.

In a nut shell, the features of the UV curing systems can be summarized in this way. With the help of these systems, the curing reaction takes place in a few seconds, the environmental responsiveness is excellent, and low-temperature treatment can be done. They can be used for all types of applications too.

Ordering and buying curing systems for industrial purposes are very easy now. Most companies that manufacture these equipments have websites of their own. One can view the types of products and services provided by these companies on their websites. One can contact them through their toll free number or email id.

UV curing systems are environment friendly as well as cost effective. So if you are looking for a curing system, go for the one that uses ultra-violet light to dry the finished products. Please login at for more details.

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