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Best and Cheapest Treatment In India For Spine Tumour

India is growing as the leading medical service provider anywhere in the world. The reason is the rapid growth in […]

India is growing as the leading medical service provider anywhere in the world. The reason is the rapid growth in the medical infrastructure and in the number of qualified medical professionals in India.

Best and Cheapest Treatment In India For Spine Tumour

Wide Range of Services

You have many fields of medical expertise including knee replacement, heart bypass surgery, cancer treatment, and spine tumour treatment, among many others. The spine tumor treatment cost in India is Rs 7,500 compared to the Rs 13,000 it costs in Thailand, UK, and the US.

For the patient with spinal cancer, the treatment option will depend on the type of the tumour and its location. The health of the patient also determines the treatment procedure they adopt. The therapies available for treating the tumour are as follows:

  1. Surgery: We can remove many of the tumours of the spine through surgery. In those cases where one cannot remove the tumour fully, one must use radiation therapy. You can give this during the surgery or after the surgery as a stand-alone treatment and this will relieve the pressure on the spine. Stereotactic radiosurgery has come into use and it is one of the best ways to target the tumour precisely and remove it. In this, the damage to healthy tissues is minimal.
  1. Targeted therapies: You can fight some types of spinal tumours using newer agents. In this kind of therapy, they block the cancer cells pathways by the use of small molecules. This stops the cancer cells from growing.
  1. Chemotherapy: You have plenty of options in chemotherapy. You can either inject the drugs or take them orally. These drugs attack the cancer cells and destroy them. You can use chemotherapy alone or in combination with other treatments.
  1. Corticosteroid drugs: Dexamethasone is one of the corticosteroid drugs given to reduce the swelling especially if it presses against the spine. Other treatments will start soon usually surgery.
  1. Proton therapy: This therapy is one of the most effective ones used for cancer treatment. You deliver high intensity doses of radiation on to the tumour site but it does not affect the nearby healthy tissues. Many cancer patients opt for this treatment. 

Aim of Surgery

The aim of the surgical treatment is to remove the tumour totally while keeping the neurological function intact. Since the nerves and the spinal cord is highly sensitive, one must make sure that you do not damage them during the surgery. One could use monitoring techniques during the course of the surgery to determine the spinal cord functioning throughout the surgical procedure.

Cost and Rehabilitation

One thing to consider is the cost of treatment. The tumor on spine surgery recovery cost in India is lowest compared to foreign countries and this brings many medical tourists to India every year. Get in touch with the hospital website to know more. You get relief from your back pain. Most patients will get out of bed and start walking soon after surgery. Nevertheless, they must take care to limit their activity during the first 6 month to merely walking and other routine activities. They must avoid lifting heavy weights or bending.

When you detect cancer, you must contact your hospital at once. Have consultations with the doctors there and begin the treatment at once.

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