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Best Way To Burn iTunes Movies To DVD

ITunes movie can be burned to DVD as either a backup storage or for viewing on a DVD player. The […]


ITunes movie can be burned to DVD as either a backup storage or for viewing on a DVD player. The files available on iTunes are typically in AAC or AAC protected format. You can easily download and convert AAC files using any conversion software. The converted files are to be converted in a DVD supported format which can then be stored on the DVD file. But with Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac software, you could convert the AAC protected file format to any format you want and store it in your DVD. This would give you the proper DVD CD with its DVD menu and full interactivity.

However, in case of AAC protected format, you need to be careful for two reasons. The first reason is a legal one. You should contact your legal advisor and ask him or her on whether it is permissible for you to reproduce material you obtain from iTunes even if it’s for your personal use, and not for commercial purposes. You should only proceed with this activity if it is cleared by your legal advisor as reproducing digital content illegally is a criminal offence.

The second reason is that AAC protect format cannot be converted to an MP4 or DVD supported format. This is where the Aimersoft software comes in. Normally, if you didn’t have Aimersoft’s burning software you would be forced to create a backup of the iTunes content on your DVD. This would not give you a DVD, but it would give you a data CD from where you could play your MP4 files.

Aimersoft DVD burner lets you convert the files to any of the popular video formats. If you want to extract some music from your iTunes movie or your DVD file, this best DVD creator lets you extract that particular audio and play it in a format of your choice.

Aimersoft DVD Creator also allows you to then view these DVD files on any device of your choice, be it your iPod Nano or Samsung Smartphone etc. File compatibility is not an issue. The conversion speed of this software is also unparalleled as it is six times better than other conversion software on the market.

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This is particularly useful when converting the larger iTunes files such as movie, documentaries etc. to the DVD format. Any other software would take around an hour and more than an hour for HD format, to convert a file to DVD format. Aimersoft excels in this regard as it allows you to convert these large, high definition files more quickly to your required format.

Aimersoft’s DVD Creator has a free trial download as well. You should use the free trial software to check out Aimersoft’s features and see if they meet your requirements. Purchasing Aimersoft will give you software that saves you the hectic “Create backup” method that you will need to follow to save iTunes files to DVD format. Additionally, you gain a professional video converter for all your other needs as well.

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