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Budgeting For A Loft Conversion At Home

Many different styles of homes have lofts in them, or people want to have a loft built. Whether you are […]


Many different styles of homes have lofts in them, or people want to have a loft built.

Whether you are looking to convert your loft into more of a living space or you want to have a loft put into the area, you are going to have to create a budget for the project. How can you budget for this conversion?

Deciding on the Final Plans
As you are creating a budget, you need to have a strong idea of what you want to have done with the loft because this can really affect the price.

For example, let’s say that you want to turn a short loft into a bedroom. This would cost more than simply refinishing the floors in the loft to make it suitable for a walk able storage space.

Presenting your plans to the construction company will help to truly define the price.

The Extra Materials Involved
Depending on the type of room you are planning to create, some other materials might need to be included.

If you are planning to turn the loft into a bedroom, you are certainly going to want to implement a heating system and an air conditioner in the loft.

For a storage space, you might not need these elements since you will be spending only a short amount of time in there. Flooring options can vary as well. You might have hardwood floors, tile, a carpet put down or just some throw rugs spread out across the room.

Shopping Around for Quotes
Once you have a list of all of the elements you would like included in the room, as well as the type of room you are planning to have built, it’s time to bring in the professionals to give you quotes for the work.

These may just be estimates, so always save a little bit extra money up for the construction. Additionally, meeting with the professionals will give you a chance to pick a company that is affordable to you, and you will have a few different options.

The companies can also provide you with suggestions for creating a better room or for selecting more budget friendly options.

Where You’re Going to Live
When people are budgeting for these type of home conversions, they often forget about this component. Consider a small house where the entire roof is going to be off in order for the loft to be blown out.

You simply cannot live in a house like that, so you are going to have to find someplace else to live while the construction is going on. Whether you need to rent an apartment for a month or pay for a hotel, you have to include these expenses in your budget.

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Furnishing the Room
Although you do not need to race through the furnishing and decorating of the room, you’ll likely want to get settled with it as soon as possible.

Add a line in your budget for the furniture and decor for the room, so you are able to complete it shortly after the construction is done.

Coming up with a budget is usually not something you can do in just a few minutes. Consider all of the elements that will go into your loft conversion, and you want to add all of them up to reach your final sum.

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